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Corrections & Updates

AMN strives to be transparent with all of the changes made to our stories after publication. Here is a list of the changes and updates we’ve made to stories since 2018.

11/28/2023: This article originally referred to the TSA as the “Travel and Security Administration.” The article has been corrected. American Military News regrets this error.

8/17/2023: This article originally stated that Gallagher “could have faced perjury charges.” The article has been corrected. American Military News regrets this error.

8/1/2023: This article originally included ‘Rhode Island’ spelled incorrectly. The article has been corrected. American Military News regrets this error.

5/24/2023: This article originally stated “During August 2019 to February 2019” and has been corrected to reflect the proper date: “During August 2019 to February 2023.” American Military News regrets this error.,identified%20the%20affected%20population%2C%20and%20took%20corrective%20measures.

1/16/2023: This article originally labeled Rep. Adam Schiff as a Republican. It has been corrected to label the congressman as a Democrat.

12/29/2022: This article originally stated that the CDC emailed a statement to a reporter with The Trace explaining the edit to the fact sheet, but the CDC only circulated the statement internally:

11/23/2022: An article that cited another publication’s reporting initially said Trump would testify during the trial. The article was updated after Trump’s lawyer told the publication “I do not know” if Trump will testify:

11/22/2022: This article originally stated that a helicopter crashed along a highway in South Carolina; however, the helicopter actually crashed along a highway in North Carolina:

11/4/2022: An article initially referred to Diane Sare as a current candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey instead of in New York where she is actually running:

11/4/2022: An article was updated to provide a quote clarifying Nick Kupper is still in the process of being separated from the Air Force. The article also cited another publication’s reporting that Kupper sponsored orphans from Ukraine, but was updated after Kupper said he adopted a child from Armenia, not Ukraine:

11/4/2022: An article was updated to remove information about a deceased man’s family. The information was removed out of respect for the family’s privacy:

11/2/2022: An article was updated to reflect newly obtained information that the shooter shot the two police officers at a close distance, not from an elevated position as local news reports initially stated via unnamed law enforcement officials:

10/28/2022: A headline was updated to reflect law enforcement corroboration of an incident initially claimed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office:

4/28/2022: A story was updated to remove footage purporting to show a Russian plane that was later identified as a Ukrainian plane:

2/18/2022: A story was updated to correct information as described in a federal court filing:

1/31/2022: A story was updated to correct inaccurate information obtained from external media sources:

11/24/2021: A story mistakenly described Jacob Blake as killed by police and was corrected to describe him as being shot:

10/19/2021: A story was updated to correct the current positions of a U.S. official:

10/15/2021: A story was updated after CENTCOM deleted details of a hijack plot and sniper fire from an Air Force report on evacuation efforts from Kabul, Afghanistan:

9/22/2021: A story was updated to clarify that a PayPal account that had been suspended belonged to Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller and that the account had subsequently been restored:

8/13/2021: A story linked to an NPR transcript in which NPR misattributed a quote to Bjorn Bergman.

6/25/2021: A story incorrectly listed a state in which a fighter pilot was based.

4/5/2021: A story incorrectly referred to the USS Constitution as a 38-gun ship, when it was actually a 44-gun class ship:

3/13/2021: A story incorrectly described some firearms as banned when they were actually exempt from the ban:

2/9/2021: A story incorrectly described the B-1B bomber as “nuclear capable”:

1/25/2021: A story had specified an incorrect time period in which allegations against Sen. Cotton occurred:

1/22/2021: Updated story to provide date Senate agreed upon after publishing:

1/22/2021: Updated story to reflect Twitter’s later claim that the account was faked, but the Iranian leader’s threat was real:

12/15/2020: Updated story to provide more clarity on the voting process:

11/30/2020: Updated headline to clarify the type of bomb dropped:

11/3/2020: Updated story with additional reporting from another town with midnight voting in NH:

10/29/2020: Updated wire story to clarify the pilot was from a US town called Peru, not the country:

10/22/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified the service branch of a pilot in the headline:

10/20/2020: A wire story included a typo in the headline:

10/04/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified a distance as miles instead of light years:

9/30/2020: A story was updated to provide more detail of the Senate committee’s review:

9/29/2020: A story identified the incorrect Marine base in California:

9/23/2020: A story incorrectly associated a military unit as American instead of British: Largest paratrooper operation in history began 76 years ago during WW2 – here’s what happened

7/23/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified Army Sgt. as an officer: Driver in West Point fatal rollover sentenced to three years of confinement

7/10/2020: Issued an update to a wire story to include Amazon’s retraction: Amazon orders employees to delete Chinese-owned TikTok over security risks – then retracts it

7/9/2020: A headline was not clear enough to distinguish the two decisions: Supreme Court decides Trump must give tax returns to NYC prosecutor if subpoenaed, but not Congress for now

7/8/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified Duckworth as Marine, instead of Army vet: Army vet Sen. Tammy Duckworth fires back at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson after he questions her patriotism

7/5/2020: A wire story incorrectly described a military rank: Sen. Duckworth blocks 1,100 military promotions to protect impeachment witness

7/5/2020: A story incorrectly mentioned a Special Ops unit: A video tribute to the US Army’s special operations forces: Green Berets, Rangers and Delta Force

6/20/2020: A wire story misspelled a last name and the name of a town: Pics: Vietnamese police officer finds his GI dad with DNA test

6/13/2020: A story did Emphasized lack of details in official reports of the incident: Report: SC National Guard members found glass baked into pizza they ordered during DC protests

6/11/2020: A story incorrectly identified Space Force as Air Force: The US Space Force lost trademarks to Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ show

6/10/2020: A story incorrectly included “US” in NORAD’s name: US fighter jets intercept 8 Russian warplanes 30 miles from Alaska

6/3/2020: A story included incorrect details about the Rodney King incident: Esper says he doesn’t support using active duty troops to quell civil unrest

5/18/2020: A wire story incorrectly Corrected wire story – Oklahoma Gov. Stitt could sign or veto ‘anti-red flag’ law that may be first in the nation

4/28/2020: The story was updated to add GOA’s statement:  Judge allows indoor VA gun range to reopen against lockdown orders

4/17/2020: The story was updated to clarify the FDA approval: 2 Texas companies join up to bring coronavirus testing to the public via app

4/3/2020: The story was updated to clarify the purpose of the drones based on PD’s statement: CA city to use Chinese night-vision drones banned by US Army to urge coronavirus lockdown compliance

3/31/2020: The story was updated to include soldier’s name: First US service member dies of coronavirus, DOD says

3/26/2020: The story was updated to add Barr’s comments: DOJ proposes judges be able to detain people indefinitely and suspend court rules during coronavirus pandemic

3/21/2020: The story was updated to clarify details of universal basic income and one time cash payments: CA gov says he could enact martial law if necessary

3/16/2020: The story incorrectly stated that all travel was banned: US troops banned from travel across the US, families banned from government-funded travel in the US

3/6/2020: The story clarified Biden’s quote and Beto’s involvement: Video: Biden says Beto will ‘take care of the gun problem with me’ if elected

2/18/2020: The story was updated to clarify commission’s findings were financial, unrelated to sexual misconduct: Fmr. Navy SEAL and Gov. Eric Greitens exonerated in campaign finance investigation

2/11/2020: The story was updated to reflect GA DPH’s statement that patients were “self-isolating”: 200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus

2/4/2020: The story was updated to clarify which Daytona race the team participated in: Veteran-backed crowdsourced NASCAR team is headed to Daytona

1/30/2020: The story was updated to correct Scott’s height, per the U.S. Marshalls: Purple Heart veteran is now a top 15 most-wanted fugitive by US Marshals. There’s a $25K reward.

1/27/2020: The story was updated to add a statement and additional details: US Air Force plane crashes in Afghanistan; Pentagon denies enemy fire but Taliban claims they shot it down

1/26/2020: The story was updated to add information about the victims and their identities. Kobe Bryant, 41, dead in helicopter crash along with 13-year-old daughter and 7 others

1/10/2020:  The story was updated to clarify VA’s role in the conflict: Army vet claims prosthetic legs taken away because VA won’t pay bill; company won’t fix it until they’re paid

1/6/2020: The story was updated to provide clarity on the gun restrictions in HB 1739: WA gov signs 7 new gun bans, confiscation laws

1/2/2020: The story incorrectly identified Hadi al Amiri as the leader of the attack: Fmr. Iran-backed militia leader photographed at US Embassy attack in Baghdad visited Obama White House in 2011

11/26/2019: The story incorrectly identified Gov. Northam and added text from the official bill: Sweeping VA gun ban, likely confiscation without grandfather clause, proposed by state legislature

11/1/2019: The story was updated to provide clarity: Army releases statement on officer who testified in Trump impeachment inquiry hearing

10/28/2019: The story was updated to include official confirmation of the strike: ISIS top spokesman killed in suspected US airstrike one day after Baghdadi raid

10/18/2019: A wire story incorrectly stated that the device exploded, when it had not: Suspected explosive device found on playground of Montana elementary school

8/26/2019: The story incorrectly stated the entire wing broke off: C-130 crash lands, wing tip breaks off, in CA as aftermath caught on video

7/8/2019: The story was updated to clarify the time period of gun surrenders: 700 guns voluntarily surrendered in New Zealand before ‘assault weapon’ ban takes effect

6/3/2019: The story incorrectly stated the court would be ruling on the case: Supreme Court to decide to hear US Army vet’s ‘unconstitutional’ gun suppressor this week after national controversy

3/25/2019: The story provided the incorrect date of the first Medal of Honor Day: Today is National Medal of Honor Day

3/20/2019: The story provided incorrect details of the White House meeting: 7-year-old boy called ‘Little Hitler’ for border wall fundraiser gets Trump invite to White House

2/13/2019: The story incorrectly identified Witt as an officer: Fmr Air Force agent is Iran spy currently at large – wanted by US DOJ

1/28/2019: The story was updated to clarify the circumstances of immunity: 7 Navy SEALs granted immunity to testify in case of SEAL accused of murdering ISIS prisoner

12/5/2018: The story was updated to reflect that the event was no longer live: Former President George W. Bush delivers historic eulogy to his late father, George H.W. Bush

11/29/2018: The story was updated to reflect that the finalized ban was upcoming: Final ‘bump stock’ ban to be announced in coming days, report says

11/29/2018: The story was updated to include a statement and details about the bill becoming law: CBD is about to revolutionize the veteran community and PTSD, taking America by storm

11/14/2018: The story incorrectly described the plane and the time of day the crash occurred: Air Force pilot dies, another injured after T-38 Talon crash at Laughlin AFB

11/13/2018: The story contained an incorrect date: Mattis to visit troops deployed at southern border on Wednesday

11/6/2018: The story contained a typo: Two-star general, five others punished for 2017 Niger ambush that killed 4 US troops

9/25/2018: The story contained an incorrect date: Trump: North Korea sanctions to remain until they denuclearize