AMN strives to be transparent with all of the changes made to our stories after publication. Here is a list of the changes and updates we’ve made to stories since 2018.

4/28/2022: A story was updated to remove footage claiming to show a Russian plane that was later identified as a Ukrainian plane:

2/18/2022: A story was updated to correct information as described in a federal court filing:

1/31/2022: A story was updated to correct inaccurate information obtained from external media sources:

11/24/2021: A story mistakenly described Jacob Blake as killed by police and was corrected to describe him as being shot:

10/19/2021: A story was updated to correct the current positions of a U.S. official:

10/15/2021: A story was updated after CENTCOM deleted details of a hijack plot and sniper fire from an Air Force report on evacuation efforts from Kabul, Afghanistan:

9/22/2021: A story was updated to clarify that a PayPal account that had been suspended belonged to Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller and that the account had subsequently been restored:

8/13/2021: A story linked to an NPR transcript in which NPR misattributed a quote to Bjorn Bergman.

6/25/2021: A story incorrectly listed a state in which a fighter pilot was based.

4/5/2021: A story incorrectly referred to the USS Constitution as a 38-gun ship, when it was actually a 44-gun class ship:

3/13/2021: A story incorrectly described some firearms as banned when they were actually exempt from the ban:

2/9/2021: A story incorrectly described the B-1B bomber as “nuclear capable”:

1/25/2021: A story had specified an incorrect time period in which allegations against Sen. Cotton occurred:

1/22/2021: Updated story to provide date Senate agreed upon after publishing:

1/22/2021: Updated story to reflect Twitter’s later claim that the account was faked, but the Iranian leader’s threat was real:

12/15/2020: Updated story to provide more clarity on the voting process:

11/30/2020: Updated headline to clarify the type of bomb dropped:

11/3/2020: Updated story with additional reporting from another town with midnight voting in NH:

10/29/2020: Updated wire story to clarify the pilot was from a US town called Peru, not the country:

10/22/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified the service branch of a pilot in the headline:

10/20/2020: A wire story included a typo in the headline:

10/04/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified a distance as miles instead of light years:

9/30/2020: A story was updated to provide more detail of the Senate committee’s review:

9/29/2020: A story identified the incorrect Marine base in California:

9/23/2020: A story incorrectly associated a military unit as American instead of British: Largest paratrooper operation in history began 76 years ago during WW2 – here’s what happened

7/23/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified Army Sgt. as an officer: Driver in West Point fatal rollover sentenced to three years of confinement

7/10/2020: Issued an update to a wire story to include Amazon’s retraction: Amazon orders employees to delete Chinese-owned TikTok over security risks – then retracts it

7/9/2020: A headline was not clear enough to distinguish the two decisions: Supreme Court decides Trump must give tax returns to NYC prosecutor if subpoenaed, but not Congress for now

7/8/2020: A wire story incorrectly identified Duckworth as Marine, instead of Army vet: Army vet Sen. Tammy Duckworth fires back at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson after he questions her patriotism

7/5/2020: A wire story incorrectly described a military rank: Sen. Duckworth blocks 1,100 military promotions to protect impeachment witness

7/5/2020: A story incorrectly mentioned a Special Ops unit: A video tribute to the US Army’s special operations forces: Green Berets, Rangers and Delta Force

6/20/2020: A wire story misspelled a last name and the name of a town: Pics: Vietnamese police officer finds his GI dad with DNA test

6/13/2020: A story did Emphasized lack of details in official reports of the incident: Report: SC National Guard members found glass baked into pizza they ordered during DC protests

6/11/2020: A story incorrectly identified Space Force as Air Force: The US Space Force lost trademarks to Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ show

6/10/2020: A story incorrectly included “US” in NORAD’s name: US fighter jets intercept 8 Russian warplanes 30 miles from Alaska

6/3/2020: A story included incorrect details about the Rodney King incident: Esper says he doesn’t support using active duty troops to quell civil unrest

5/18/2020: A wire story incorrectly Corrected wire story – Oklahoma Gov. Stitt could sign or veto ‘anti-red flag’ law that may be first in the nation

4/28/2020: The story was updated to add GOA’s statement:  Judge allows indoor VA gun range to reopen against lockdown orders

4/17/2020: The story was updated to clarify the FDA approval: 2 Texas companies join up to bring coronavirus testing to the public via app

4/3/2020: The story was updated to clarify the purpose of the drones based on PD’s statement: CA city to use Chinese night-vision drones banned by US Army to urge coronavirus lockdown compliance

3/31/2020: The story was updated to include soldier’s name: First US service member dies of coronavirus, DOD says

3/26/2020: The story was updated to add Barr’s comments: DOJ proposes judges be able to detain people indefinitely and suspend court rules during coronavirus pandemic

3/21/2020: The story was updated to clarify details of universal basic income and one time cash payments: CA gov says he could enact martial law if necessary

3/16/2020: The story incorrectly stated that all travel was banned: US troops banned from travel across the US, families banned from government-funded travel in the US

3/6/2020: The story clarified Biden’s quote and Beto’s involvement: Video: Biden says Beto will ‘take care of the gun problem with me’ if elected

2/18/2020: The story was updated to clarify commission’s findings were financial, unrelated to sexual misconduct: Fmr. Navy SEAL and Gov. Eric Greitens exonerated in campaign finance investigation

2/11/2020: The story was updated to reflect GA DPH’s statement that patients were “self-isolating”: 200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus

2/4/2020: The story was updated to clarify which Daytona race the team participated in: Veteran-backed crowdsourced NASCAR team is headed to Daytona

1/30/2020: The story was updated to correct Scott’s height, per the U.S. Marshalls: Purple Heart veteran is now a top 15 most-wanted fugitive by US Marshals. There’s a $25K reward.

1/27/2020: The story was updated to add a statement and additional details: US Air Force plane crashes in Afghanistan; Pentagon denies enemy fire but Taliban claims they shot it down

1/26/2020: The story was updated to add information about the victims and their identities. Kobe Bryant, 41, dead in helicopter crash along with 13-year-old daughter and 7 others

1/10/2020:  The story was updated to clarify VA’s role in the conflict: Army vet claims prosthetic legs taken away because VA won’t pay bill; company won’t fix it until they’re paid

1/6/2020: The story was updated to provide clarity on the gun restrictions in HB 1739: WA gov signs 7 new gun bans, confiscation laws

1/2/2020: The story incorrectly identified Hadi al Amiri as the leader of the attack: Fmr. Iran-backed militia leader photographed at US Embassy attack in Baghdad visited Obama White House in 2011

11/26/2019: The story incorrectly identified Gov. Northam and added text from the official bill: Sweeping VA gun ban, likely confiscation without grandfather clause, proposed by state legislature

11/1/2019: The story was updated to provide clarity: Army releases statement on officer who testified in Trump impeachment inquiry hearing

10/28/2019: The story was updated to include official confirmation of the strike: ISIS top spokesman killed in suspected US airstrike one day after Baghdadi raid

10/18/2019: A wire story incorrectly stated that the device exploded, when it had not: Suspected explosive device found on playground of Montana elementary school

8/26/2019: The story incorrectly stated the entire wing broke off: C-130 crash lands, wing tip breaks off, in CA as aftermath caught on video

7/8/2019: The story was updated to clarify the time period of gun surrenders: 700 guns voluntarily surrendered in New Zealand before ‘assault weapon’ ban takes effect

6/3/2019: The story incorrectly stated the court would be ruling on the case: Supreme Court to decide to hear US Army vet’s ‘unconstitutional’ gun suppressor this week after national controversy

3/25/2019: The story provided the incorrect date of the first Medal of Honor Day: Today is National Medal of Honor Day

3/20/2019: The story provided incorrect details of the White House meeting: 7-year-old boy called ‘Little Hitler’ for border wall fundraiser gets Trump invite to White House

2/13/2019: The story incorrectly identified Witt as an officer: Fmr Air Force agent is Iran spy currently at large – wanted by US DOJ

1/28/2019: The story was updated to clarify the circumstances of immunity: 7 Navy SEALs granted immunity to testify in case of SEAL accused of murdering ISIS prisoner

12/5/2018: The story was updated to reflect that the event was no longer live: Former President George W. Bush delivers historic eulogy to his late father, George H.W. Bush

11/29/2018: The story was updated to reflect that the finalized ban was upcoming: Final ‘bump stock’ ban to be announced in coming days, report says

11/29/2018: The story was updated to include a statement and details about the bill becoming law: CBD is about to revolutionize the veteran community and PTSD, taking America by storm

11/14/2018: The story incorrectly described the plane and the time of day the crash occurred: Air Force pilot dies, another injured after T-38 Talon crash at Laughlin AFB

11/13/2018: The story contained an incorrect date: Mattis to visit troops deployed at southern border on Wednesday

11/6/2018: The story contained a typo: Two-star general, five others punished for 2017 Niger ambush that killed 4 US troops

9/25/2018: The story contained an incorrect date: Trump: North Korea sanctions to remain until they denuclearize