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American Military News is one of the most read military and foreign affairs news outlets in the world. Launched in 2015 and headquartered in New York City, its mission is to report on all issues related to the U.S. military, global foreign affairs, current events and lifestyle topics.

American Military News’ reporting is straightforward and accurate. AMN’s journalistic integrity means that readers will get the facts with no bias, “interpretation” or agenda. We believe in the integrity of the news industry and believe that readers should simply “get the news,” as the facts present themselves.

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Our Team

Kellen Giuda

Kellen Giuda is CEO of American Military News. He owns and operates an operations management firm in New York City. Previously he was a Project Manager at an architecture firm in downtown Manhattan. Giuda grew up in a large Navy family.

Rob Abraham

Rob Abraham is CTO of American Military News. He is an executive at a major technology firm in Chicago. Abraham previously built and sold a successful technology company. Prior to that, he served as a U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms and managed several technology companies in the Chicago area.

Melissa Leon

Melissa Leon is the Editor-in-Chief of American Military News and lives in New York City. Melissa was an award-winning journalist and blogger in New Jersey for several years before she and her husband opened a CrossFit gym in Manhattan, which she manages and operates. Melissa is a proud military wife – her husband is currently an officer in the Army, and he deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. They live in Manhattan with their Giant Schnauzer.

Staff reporters are located in New York City and around the United States.

Other contributors have included:
  • Congressman Mike Pompeo (Currently CIA Director)
  • Congressman Paul Cook
  • Congressman Lee Zeldin
  • Congressman Brad Wenstrup
  • General Paul McGillicuddy
  • Brigadier General Andrew F. Hutchinson
  • Gen. (Ret.) David A. Morris
  • TN Senator Mark Green
  • Fmr. Pentagon Spokesperson J.D. Gordon
  • President, Frontiers of Freedom Institute George Landrith
  • Col. (Ret.) Jay Delancy
  • Col. (Ret.) JW Deloach
  • Army Staff Sgt. & Silver Star Recipient David Bellavia
  • Veteran Bryce Burton
  • Army Sgt. (Ret.) Theresa Giarratano
  • Air Force Special Operations Pilot Todd Wood
  • Founder, Gold Star Siblings, Karen Hickman
  • Green Beret, Speaker, Scott Mann
  • CEO, Matthew Clark
  • Air Force Captain Jerry Gay
  • Army Special Forces (Ret.) Ken Benway
  • S. Army (Ret.) Ken Doyle
  • Army Helo Pilot, Embry Riddle Instructor Melissa Gresham
  • Army NCO (Ret.) Kenneth Depew
  • Army Spec Ops Sean Linnane
  • Author Dan Wos
  • Army SERE Instructor Ace Baker
  • Military Historian Richard Lowry
  • Army Airborne Scott Fadner
  • Korean/Vietnam War Vet Brooks Outland
  • Middle East Women Rights Activist Sayeh Hassan
  • Marine Veteran Paul (Alex) Bartel (Latreb)
  • Army Veteran Jon Britton
  • Marine Veteran Matthew Adams
  • Founder, Cold Dead Hands Patrick James
  • Author David Stuligross
  • Cdr LE (Ret.) Chris Wagoner
  • Writer Brandon Wright
  • Marine Veteran Joel Galford
  • Navy Veteran Keegan Curty
  • Marine Veteran David Edder
Staff Writers

Staff writers for American Military News are based in New York and around the United States.

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