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WATCH: Iraqi Special Forces & 82nd Airborne soldiers hold a dance off

IRAQ vs. AMERICA- DANCE OFF (Leppify/YouTube)
March 14, 2016

Serving overseas can be brutal for the U.S. troops. The heavy burden of life and death struggles coupled with the downtime that could turn deadly in an instant keeps one on edge. Self-made entertainment with fellow troops is vital for morale on any deployment.

These U.S. soldiers were having some fun with Iraqi Special Forces back in 2010 and decided to have a good old-fashioned dance-off, “Iraq style.”


The best part is the comradery shared between the two. Even without music, the Iraqis and Americans were able to join together and engage in an activity as simple as dancing to get relief from the battlefield and even some laughter. It even looks like the Iraqi soldier schooled the U.S. soldier.

Entertainment options for combat deployed troops are limited, so they have to be creative. Soldiers love activities that allow them to partake in a level of competition, so a dance off was just the thing to kill time and entertain in the musicless desert.

Check it out below:

The Iraqi soldier showed off some impressive moves, not missing a beat even with his service weapon strapped to his thigh. The American wasn’t prepared to do anything else but breakdancing, but he didn’t back away from the challenge and still showed off some moves in the dirt.

Goofy dance-offs are just one of many ways the troops creatively occupy their downtime. They also like to watch movies, and play card games, which can offer a bit of a competitive edge but can get mundane too. Sometimes they will even stage some type of crazy scenario and capture it on video. This is how scenarios like the “Call Me Maybe” video or “MTV Cribs: Afghanistan” came about.

If there is a chance to get corny and create a video of it, they are all in.


Troops also use their creativity when it comes to fitness, in the absence of standard gym equipment in the desert. According to We Are the Mighty, soldiers enjoy “tire flips.” The exercise is exactly how it’s named — the soldiers flip tires for upper body strength. These aren’t standard vehicle tires, however. They’re huge tires from the heavy equipment used for battle.

Videos of the troops’ entertainment antics typically go viral, as they capture hilarious moments in unconventional surroundings. From music videos, singing and rapping to dressing up in costumes, holding dance-offs, or performing unusual workouts, the soldiers sure know how to entertain while defending freedom.