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‘Our children will be slaves’: Hollywood star slams US gov’t

Rob Schneider performs for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Troopers at the Camp Bulkeley Lyceum. (National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandria Hughes/112th MPAD/JTF GTMO PAO)
August 02, 2023

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider recently highlighted what he believes is the attempt of politicians in the United States taking systematic measures to strip power from the people.

In an extended social media post on Twitter, Schneider warned that the incremental steps being taken by government officials, including both elected representatives and unelected bureaucrats, are slowly leading America down a path of subjugation.

“The best slaves, the most cooperative slaves, are the slaves that don’t even know they are slaves,” he said. “But how does a very small group of people enslave hundreds of millions of other people?! It’s done one step at a time.”

Schneider’s comments ignited a firestorm of debate and highlight the ongoing struggle between individual liberties and governmental control.

Known for his outspoken criticism of COVID-related mandates and lockdowns, Schneider expanded on his views, asserting that a systematic effort is underway to disempower U.S. citizens.

The actor pointed to the removal of Civics from public schools, stating, “They took Civics out of Public schools. Because they don’t want you to know how your Government works. Because if you did, you might try to change things.”

Schneider also called out the interplay between the government, big tech and media. He argued that there is collusion to control information and keep the public “fat, uneducated, sick, poisoned, and reliant on Government for handouts and pretending there’s a difference between the ‘Left and the Right.’”

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Schneider asserted that government control extends to Google, Facebook and mainstream media, as they work together to “control and censor the information you receive and to discredit and demonize those that don’t go along and those that ask inconvenient questions.”

In a final warning, Schneider articulated his fear that the government’s ultimate goal is to disarm the American population, in order to complete the process of turning people into slaves.

“The only thing that’s left for the Government to do now is to completely disarm us,” he said. “When that happens, if they are able to disarm us, then it’s over. We will be slaves and our children will be slaves for a 100 years.”

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