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Huge Hollywood star wants to manipulate gun owners with new ‘gun control’ term

Actor Matthew McConaughey delivers a speech on mass shootings and gun control proposals at the White House, June 7, 2022. (White House/Screenshot)
August 01, 2023

In a recent interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey called for a change in terminology within the firearms debate, advocating the use of the term “gun responsibility” over “gun control.”

McConaughey, who was vocal in demanding change after the Uvalde, Texas, shooting, commented on the framing of the gun control debate during the recent interview.

“Control sounds like a mandate and nobody wants a mandate… But responsibility is still something that we can all go, yeah, ‘I’ll take responsibility,'” he noted, aiming to strike a chord with Republicans and Second Amendment supporters.

According to The Daily Wire, McConaughey’s aim is to bridge the gap with Second Amendment defenders by changing the terminology of gun control. McConaughey emphasized that a sense of responsibility can be a source of pride and honor, which can potentially make the conversation more constructive.

The actor also raised concerns over the lack of allocated funding for school safety and security despite available federal grant money.

McConaughey addressed the issue of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) funding, which has not reached schools despite being intended for mental health services and school security.

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McConaughey revealed that of the 12 schools in the Uvalde area that applied, none had received the allocated funding.

“What are we doing? That’s a zero percent success rate,” McConaughey lamented.

In a effort to bridge the funding gap, McConaughey announced the Green Lights Grant Initiative, founded with his wife Camilla. Their mission is to help schools connect with the federal grant money for safety and security measures.

“This grant initiative is going to connect those districts to those billions of dollars that’s there, available, and wants to be used to make our kids safe,” he stated.

The actor previously discussed gun control measures during a 2018 rally speech for the anti-gun group March For Our Lives, where he encouraged responsible gun owners to “take one for the team” and surrender some of their gun rights, including the ownership of semi-automatic long guns and certain magazines.

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