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(VIDEO) Portland protester to alleged 9/11 widow: ‘Your husband should rot in the grave’

Patriot Prayer and Antifa protests in Portland, Oregon, Dec. 9, 2017. (Old White Truck/Flickr)
October 19, 2018

A video has surfaced of who is said to be a member of “Antifa,” the anti-fascist group, making startling remarks to a woman on Saturday in Portland.

The protester, who is identified as a member of Antifa, is shown accusing the woman of blocking his path as they waited on a traffic light before he begins a slew of insults, including that her husband, whom she says died on 9/11, should “rot in the grave.”

The video has gone viral, amassing more than 2.6 million views since it was posted on Tuesday. Watch it below:

“Why are you trying to block me?” the man yells at the woman, who was facing away from him. “I’m f-cking trying to walk here.”

“Because I obey traffic signals,” the woman responds.

“You’re a f-cking snarky little f-cking idiot,” the man shoots back. “Shut the f-ck up.”

“Try something, b-tch,” the woman shoots back.

“I’m not, I’m not going to punch you. I’m not like your husband, I’m not going to punch you,” the man replies.

“I’m not married,” the woman says.

“I’m not like your boyfriend or your cop boyfriend who is going to f-cking knock you out, so don’t worry,” the man says.

The woman then turns to face him and points to her hat, which is embroidered with “NYPD.”

“My husband died on 9/11,” she says.

“Good for him. Good,” the man tells her. “Good. NYPD was a bunch of f-cking sodomizers, f-cking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

“So yeah, your husband, should probably f-cking rot in the grave,” the man tells her as they cross the street.

The video ends shortly after his final comment.

Another video surfaced showing a man alleging to be the woman’s son, who confronts the Antifa protester.

“You call my mom out?” the son asks the man.

The man immediately turns and begins walking away.

“Why are you running?” the son calls after him.

The video cuts to show both sides hurling insults across the intersection at one another. When they were able to cross the street, the son was shown pursuing the man, who took off running in the opposite direction.

The incident took place Saturday in Portland after clashes between Antifa and right-wing group Patriot Prayer. The latter group held a peaceful protest deemed “flash march for Law and Order” in favor of removing Portland mayor, Tim Wheeler, from office.

Antifa, who supports Wheeler, made an appearance at the rally and the two groups clashed violently in the streets. Portland police fired rubber bullets on the crowd to diffuse the conflict.

A week prior, Antifa flooded the streets of Portland, blocking city streets and carrying out destructive activities. They wreaked havoc in the city as a show of opposition to the Sept. 30 killing of Patrick Kimmons, who was fatally shot by police after he shot two men.

Portland police stood by and observed Antifa’s destructive activities without interfering, a response that was supported by Mayor Wheeler.

Police officials and the mayor have said little in response to their decisions, which has left the groups frustrated and uneasy.