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(VIDEO) ‘Antifa’ takes over downtown Portland intersection amid weekend clashes

Antifa demonstrators. (cantfightthetendies/Flickr)
October 16, 2018

Over the weekend, left-wing and right-wing protestors once again made headlines for violent demonstrations as the two sides clashed over political opposition.

Violence erupted in the streets of Portland on Saturday night when the anti-fascist group “Antifa” took over city streets, causing chaos and destruction before brawling with the right-wing Proud Boys group, The Washington Post reported.

Several viral videos below show the groups clashing, exchanging angry rhetoric at one another and more.

Antifa faced off with the right-wing Patriot Prayer group during a “flash march for Law and Order” rally held on Saturday, encouraging the removal of Portland Mayor Tim Wheeler from office.

The clash followed the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Patrick Kimmons by Portland police on Sept. 30, which sparked tensions in the city, and a previous appearance by Antifa.

On Oct. 6, protesters lined the streets to voice their rage over the shooting; a group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters showed up. Police allowed Antifa to dominate the downtown Portland area, causing havoc, blocking intersections and streets, while observing the group’s destructive activities without interfering.

Wheeler publicly supported the Portland police for their uninvolved actions, which was why Patriot Prayer and other protesters called on him to be removed from office.

Patriot Prayer’s Oct. 13 rally was reportedly peaceful until Antifa, who backs the mayor, showed up and the two groups clashed violently in the streets.

The violence was halted when Portland police acted and fired rubber bullets at the crowd.

One video showed the moment when Antifa members began burning an American flag in the middle of an intersection. A Patriot Prayer member ran up to the burning flag and snatched it before running back to his side of the march.

When asked why he took the burning flag, he said, “You say that you’re an American, why would you burn your own flag? That’s my question.”

The night before, a similar scene unfolded in New York City when the Proud Boys group and their founder Gavin McInnes spoke at the Metropolitan Republican Club about “Deep State Socialists” and “Western Values.”

When the group left the club, they were confronted by angry Antifa protesters, who attended in a show of resistance.

McInnes said, “I recognized one of the anti-fascists. He stole a Proud Boys MAGA hat and was immediately tuned up.”

One victim was curled up on the sidewalk while Antifa members took turns kicking him, which was captured on cellphone video.

According to New York police, the victim refused medical treatment.

Three individuals linked with Antifa have been charged in the assault.