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German Intelligence Warns: Islamic State Is Teaching Its Fighters How To Pass European Refugee Application Procedures

November 16, 2016

German intelligence sources stated in a report to Die Welt that Islamic State has been effectively training it’s militants on how to successfully pass European refugee application procedures in an effort to better camouflage themselves among legitimate asylum seekers.  

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) reports that Islamic State is teaching its militants how to enter European countries under the guise of being a refugee without drawing attention from law enforcement officials with special emphasis placed on projecting the classical asylum seeker in the event of being interrogated.  

Earlier reports suggested that Islamic State was infiltrating Europe by blending in with crowds to which some succeeded; it’s only now that the training of these militants in counter-interrogation has come light.

Islamic State and its ability to adapt and improvise has implemented the use credible disguises and practiced behaving in an appropriate manner during interrogations after capture (Resistance to Interrogation – RTI – in NATO countries) with techniques such as confusing interrogators regarding one’s identity and/or intentions and denying any military background.  

In July, German intelligence noted that hundreds of tips on refugees with suspected links to terrorism, whether in an active or supportive role, are more than likely to be among the asylum seekers entering the country.  It was during this time that Germany experienced three lone wolf attacks and a suicide bombing within one week’s time with all the perpetrators having ties to Islamic State.

Germany’s latest terror alert was in September when Syrian Jaber Albakr was arrested during a wide scale police operation, which ultimately led to the discovery of ‘highly sensitive explosives’ in his residence; Albakr committed suicide while in custody.

German intelligence agencies have been issuing warnings regarding the ever increasing terrorist threats that are now plaguing Europe, especially now that Islamic State is being defeated in Mosul.   

German intelligence agencies have consistently warned of a rising terrorist threat on the continent, with the challenge being linked to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.  The head of the German Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Hans-Georg Maassen, said regarding the fight in Mosul,

“[Islamic State] may alert its [IS] supporters in Europe, that it can lead to violent attacks.”

In the United States, the warning goes primarily unheeded with President Obama allowing Syrian refugees to enter the US based on their word they aren’t terrorists, which more than likely added to the 625% increase in Syrian refugees from 2015 to 2016.