U.S. Marines in Darwin receive supply replenishment

April 16, 2020

Marine Rotational Force – Darwin remains committed to our mutual defense treaty with Australia. While current events have temporarily suspended this year’s rotation until such time as COVID-19 conditions improve, we continue to prepare for any possible future situation keeping with health and force protection concerns.

As part of our preparation, we continue to receive routine replenishments of gear and equipment. All shipments fully comply with the Australian government’s quarantine and inspection requirements. The replenishments are not only important for our current success, but for the success of future rotations.

The next regularly scheduled shipment is set to arrive in Darwin April 19, 2020. While no U.S. Marines are accompanying the supplies, Marines who arrived prior to COVID-19 travel restrictions will offload the ship. All crew members from the ship will remain onboard and separate from the Marines on the pier.

All U.S. personnel in Australia are complying fully with Australian Federal and State and Territory government health requirements and guidelines.

The delivered supplies will increase MRF-D’s overall combat readiness, which benefits our mutual security and contributes to stability in the Indo-Pacific region.