The 311th ESC conducts deployment ceremony

Photo By Capt. Fernando Ochoa | Col. Cory Henry, 311th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) SPO, Col. Christopher Barra, 311th ESC Rear DET chief of staff, Col. Lance Oliver, 311th ESC G3, Brig. Gen. Dianne M. Del Rosso, 311th ESC commanding general, Col. Jay Guevarra, 311th ESC chief of staff, and Col. John Drejka, 311th ESC deputy commanding officer, were in attendance at a deployment ceremony at the Captain Nelson M. Holderman Hall U.S. Army Reserve Center March 7, 2020.
March 19, 2020

LOS ANGELES – Brig. Gen. Dianne M. Del Rosso, 311th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) commanding general, and Command Sgt. Maj. H.H. George Luedtke, 311th ESC command sergeant major, presided over a deployment ceremony at the Captain Nelson M. Holderman Hall U.S. Army Reserve Center March 7, 2020.

The 311th ESC will be deploying to Kuwait for Operation Inherent Resolve to support war fighters in that area of operation and provide mission command as it operates logistics hubs of supply, transportation and maintenance support.

While the unit’s Soldiers stood in formation, in the center of the parade ground, Del Rosso and Luedtke preformed the “Casing of the Colors.” This is a traditional U.S. Army ceremony symbolizing the unit’s movement of operations from its home station to the U.S. Army Central Command area of operations in support of several named operations.

On a beautiful Southern California day, the weather was perfect as the partly clouded sky and a mild breeze welcomed hundreds of family members, who came to bid their love ones’ farewell and good luck.

In her opening remarks, Brig. Gen. Del Rosso turned to the families and thanked them for their support, knowing that the Army Family is the foundation for Soldiers to train, serve and deploy to hot spots throughout the world. As she addressed her troops, she began with the Latin word “Vale.”

“I would like to use the word ‘Vale,’ a Latin term used by the teacher and philosopher, Seneca, in Roman times, which means, ‘be worthy.’ To me, this also includes accountability, ownership, courage, communication and care for one another. Because our society has evolved with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, I want both families and Soldiers to stay in touch so that there is no worry,” said Del Rosso. “I also want to tell our Soldiers that I am so very proud of you and I know you are ready to complete our mission.”

After the ceremony, the Soldiers and families were treated to a catered buffet that was supplied by the USO. This would be the last time families could be together until the Soldiers returned from the deployment.
Operation Inherent Resolve is the U.S. military’s operational name for the military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, including both the campaign in Iraq and the campaign in Syria.

Special guests included Command Executive Officer Frederick J. Holmes, 79th Theater Sustainment Command, Capt. Jonathan Tom, Capt. Steve Embrich and Capt. Brian Morrison of the Los Angeles Police Department. The local Fire Department also contributed latter trucks so the American Flag could be displayed.

This will be the first deployment for Spc. Cesar Cardona, 311th ESC cable systems installer-maintainer. These Soldiers are primarily responsible for the maintenance of cable/wire communications systems, communication security devices and other associated equipment.

“I’m excited, but I’m also a little nervous. I know that it may get dangerous, but I’m ready to serve my country,” said Cardona. “My goals are to get more practical experience of my job and hopefully with more practice I can get a promotion.”

The deployment ceremony began and ended with a benediction by Chaplain (LTC) Russell Boyd, who was also excited to be on his first deployment. He said he was ready to give the Soldiers spiritual support with the Unit Ministry Team.

The 311th ESC dates to the post World War II period, during which the U.S. Army recognized that there was a large number of logistically qualified Army Reserve Soldiers in the Southern California area.

The 311th ESC’s primary mission is to command the sustainment brigades that provide combat support and combat service support in the areas of supply, maintenance, transportation, field services and the functional brigades or battalions.