SWESC commemorates MLK Birthday

GREAT LAKES, Ill. (January 17, 2020) Following a Martin Luther King Jr. presentation, staff at Surface Warefare Engineering School Command Great Lakes held a cake cutting ceremonhy Jan. 17. The event encouraged Sailors to observe the holiday Jan. 20 as a day or service to help out in their community. (U.S. Navy photo by Brian Walsh/Released)
January 17, 2020

GREAT LAKES, Ill. — Surface Warfare Engineering School Command (SWESC) Great Lakes Sailors commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day Jan. 17.

MLK was instrumental in America’s civil rights movement, and is still celebrated today for his approach to embracing peace and togetherness in American society nearly 51 years after his assassination.

“Today we wanted to take a moment to recognize the extraordinary contribution that Martin Luther King Jr. made to change the fabric of American life,” Chief Machinist’s Mate Fogle, coordinator of Sailor 360 and organizer of MLK Day event at SWESC Great Lakes. “We are encouraging staff to observe the federal holiday Jan. 20 as a day of service to help out their surrounding community.”

Following a presentation celebrated the life and legacy of MLK, staff gathered for a cake-cutting ceremony.

“Martin Luther King Jr. was a champion of racial justice and equality, the leader who not only dreamed of a multi-cultural society, but who also lead a movement that achieved historic reforms,” said Fogle. “On this day we commemorate Dr. King’s great dream of a vibrant nation united in peace.”

MLK Day was first celebrated as a national holiday on Jan. 15, 1986, and serves as an annual reminder of his contributions and dedication to a more just society.