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PMO active shooter training

December 03, 2019

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U.S. Marines participated in an active shooter training Nov. 26, on Camp Foster. Marines with Provost Marshal Office conducted the training to ensure readiness and reliability in the event of an active shooter.

Military Police spent the day engaging in the active shooter training provided. The first half of the day consisted of a period of instruction in a classroom setting, and the second half was a practical applications portion of an active shooter scenario.

“Today was very beneficial training. The training we do ensures that we do not become complacent. We have the ability to practice and train to stay on top of it and keep our minds sharp.” Cpl. Jonathan Cosgrove, a patrol supervisor with Headquarters and Support Battalion

During the practical application drills, the Marines had the chance to run through an active shooter scenario. There were actors and training weapons to help enhance the environment to be as realistic as a real world scenario.

‘We have to continuously train to maintain the Marine Corps standards as well as civilian standards to keep us accredited within our community,” said Staff Sgt. Phillip Maheux, with Camp Foster and Camp Courtney PMO. “So, that is why we are doing active shooter training today.”

191126-M-TS451-0349 Photo by Lance Cpl. Karis Mattingly

“The role of Military Police is to be the front line and be there for the people who are unable to protect themselves, and that is what we are doing here during this training,” said Maheux. “We are continuously training because we have to keep our Marines critically thinking and sharp.”

The PMO Marines partnered up and began to approach the scene as instructed. Then they searched the parameter to look for an open entrance. Once in the house, assessed the scene and search the house according to what the actors did.

“The constant amount of training and classes we have make sure that mission accomplishment is our main priority and that it stays embedded in every MP’s mind,” said Cosgrove.

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