Marine Corps develops secure app to monitor holistic health and combat readiness of Marines

February 11, 2021

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A Marine’s greatest threat isn’t always a physical adversary. Marines risk their lives to protect their country. However, some warfighters deal with a range of social, financial or mental health concerns upon returning home. This can lead to the Marine experiencing personal issues that compromise their overall health and combat readiness. In 2020, Marine Corps Systems Command deployed an application designed to help commanders and their leadership team monitor behavioral changes among Marines. Command Individual Risk and Resiliency Assessment System, or CIRRAS, is a Common Access Card-enabled software application that stores a Marine’s personal information, such as health, social, educational and familial data, in a secure, electronic environment for a commander’s awareness…

Maj. Indigo Gregory, company commander with Headquarters Battalion, Training and Education Command, employs Command Individual Risk and Resiliency Assessment System, Jan. 5.

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