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Local U.S. Army Recruiter Builds Indoor Playground for Art School

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Cody Pybas from the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Oklahoma City, Army Recruiting Station Owasso, Oklahoma, gave back to his community by building an indoor playground at The Artisan Art Institute. Staff Sgt. Cody Pybas puts some finishing touches on the indoor playground he built at the Owasso Integrated School of Learning. (Amber Osei/US Army Recruiting Battalion)
June 03, 2020

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Staff Sgt. Cody Pybas a U.S. Army Recruiter from the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion – Oklahoma City, Tulsa Company, Owasso Station, dedicated his spare time and efforts into a local project at The Artisan in Owasso by building an indoor playground for youth students.

“The project is for the Integrated School of Learning (held at The Artisan), that’s where my children go and my wife works there as the lead teacher,” says Staff Sgt. Cody Pybas. “The owner asked me if I could build a platform for the kids to play on, she said she would pay me and I told her she didn’t need to do that.”

Cody’s children also attend summer art classes so volunteering his time there was also an opportunity for him to see his family.

“You know my kids go to that school, my son loves playing on the jungle gym and things like that, so I said how about I just volunteer my time,” says Cody. “And you know I love doing woodworking, so it was kind of two birds, one stone, so over a week and a half period I was up there building it.”

The Artisan’s Owner, Shannon Eddington, started the program some years ago before moving to this new location in Owasso. The Owasso Integrated School of Learning is just one of many art classes held, spanning all ages.


“We’ve been in business for almost three years, art integrated learning means that the kids are involved in every aspect of their learning process, from creating the lessons, learning the materials, and producing the results,” says Shannon Eddington, “It’s very, very hands on, the learning our children do is all dexterity, fine gross motor, building hand muscles, coordination, so the playground was perfect, it is something they can hang from, slide down, and climb on, which is exactly the type of integrated learning we encourage at our school.”

Shannon expressed tremendous gratitude towards Cody and his family.

“We literally could not have done this without him, and even the things we tried to do we had to stop and call him to come help and fix it,” Shannon said while smiling. “But it’s phenomenal, we are grateful for the quality of the build, because it is such a sound structure and we just couldn’t have done it without him, he’s pretty phenomenal.” (DVIDS) reports are created independently of American Military News and are distributed by American Military News in accordance with DVIDS guidelines and copyright guidance. Use of DVIDS reports does not imply DVIDS endorsement of American Military News. American Military News is a privately owned media company and has no affiliation with the U.S. Department of Defense.