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Jordan, America launch new training cycle

July 26, 2019

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Jordanians and Americans stood side-by-side to honor the commencement of a new cycle for the Jordan Operational Engagement Program (JOEP).

New Jersey National Guard Soldiers, with 1st Squadron, 102nd Calvary Regiment, and Jordan Border Guard Force Soldiers, with the 7th Mechanized Battalion, 48th Mechanized Brigade, embarked on a new JOEP cycle July 14, 2019.

“Border Guards [Jordan] protect Jordanian borders and I am honored and proud to train with the U.S. Army in all areas of weapons, [us] all together here shows a strong partnership,” said Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Brig. Gen. Khalid Al-Masaeid, Northern region commander, during the ceremony.

JOEP is a 14-week individual and collective training, as well as a military partnership between Jordan and America. Areas of training include marksmanship, tactical first aid, map reading, land navigation, battle drills, react to improvised explosive devices, sniper training, and several other Soldier skills.

Speaking on behalf of Task Force Spartan-Jordan was U.S. Army Col. Kirk White, senior Army leader of Jordan. He emphasized the significance of Soldiers serving shoulder-to-shoulder, “shona-ba-shona,” in an effort to become a stronger force.


“Today our partnership to defeat ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria], maintain and strengthen the stability of Jordan is as important as ever,” said White while addressing the troops.

The purpose of the JOEP is to partner and train with the Jordan Army battalions mobilizing for missions on the border. The program’s intent is to conduct meaningful partnership training with the JAF leading to promotion of stability and security in the region.

“Let us continue to build on this successful program by enhancing the mission readiness for both units,” said White, “With God’s help, together we can continue to preserve safety and stability for the people of Jordan and the region.”

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