Face of Defense: Transportation Specialist Enjoys Job, Furthers Education

August 15, 2018

Army Sgt. Siaka Diambou was born in Mali and immigrated to the United States eight years ago to seek an education and provide a better life for his wife and daughter.

Now a motor transport operator for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard’s 1067th Composite Truck Company, 213th Regional Support Group, Diambou played a key role in his unit’s sustainment mission at the National Training Center here.

The Fort Irwin National Training Center is the Army’s premier training center. Soldiers train here to conduct counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations in desert environments. Complex scenarios test every aspect of unit readiness, including solving social, ethical and moral dilemmas presented by operating in civilian areas while facing near-peer opposing forces and insurgent forces.

Ready to Train

To ensure the units assigned to the 213th Regional Support group were properly equipped and ready to train, Diambou and his soldiers received equipment from Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow’s Yermo Annex, located 35 miles south of Fort Irwin, and convoyed trucks and unloaded supplies.

“I find my job very exciting and satisfying because I transport key supplies, such as food, clothing, fuel and equipment, to the units I am assigned,” he said.

Diambou said he not only enjoys his job, but has taken advantage of the educational opportunities available to National Guardsmen.

He qualified for the National Guard’s Commercial Driver’s License Program and enrolled at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance.

He plans to continue his military service and use his certification as an aircraft technician in the aviation field.

“As a soldier,” Diambou said, “I get to meet interesting people from all over the world, serve my country and make my education and career dreams come true.”