Face of Defense: Airman Continues Family’s Commitment to Service

After high school, Air Force Staff Sgt. Psalmbrea Noel Doss wanted to move away from Washington state in search of new experiences and a college education.

After a year in North Carolina, Doss knew she wanted to join the military but wanted to be able to stay in the Pacific Northwest. She loved Washington and had a goal of finishing her college degree.

That’s when her mother let her know about the Washington Air National Guard. “I didn’t even know it existed until my mother told me,” Doss said.

Doss’ mother had been a personnel specialist in the Air Force. In fact, Doss was born at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.

Follows Mother’s Footsteps

Fast forward to March 2015. Not only had Doss returned to Keesler Air Force Base, but she was training to be a personal specialist just like her mother. Doss was pregnant with her first child during training.

Today, she is assigned to the Washington Air National Guard’s 194th Force Support Squadron. As a personnel specialist, Doss supports the wing through force management, career development and customer service.

She provides customer service to members and their families by issuing identification cards, updating files with birth certificates and other important documents. She verifies that members are slotted in the right jobs based on position movements and promotions. She also tracks promotions, reenlistments, awards, and decorations.

Doss said her favorite part of her job is helping airmen. One of her happiest responsibilities was leading a program that made sure the newest wing members were shown where things are located in the wing.

“I was a part of the newcomers’ program for about two years, so that was one of the things I really enjoyed,” said Doss.

She was able to welcome and help acclimate new recruits, newly arrived prior service members and also members transferring from other guard units to the wing, Doss said.

“Just being that face … that first face that they see. I like that part of it,” she said.

Doss said she plans to stay in the Air Guard for more than 20 years.

“I definitely want to make chief one day,” she said.

When it comes to her civilian life, Doss said her goal is to get a master’s degree in English education, so that she can become a professor.

In her free time, Doss said she enjoys spending time with her daughter, hiking, camping and frequenting art shows and galleries.