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EOD supports COVID-19 frontline Airmen

This report originally published at (DVIDS) and is reprinted in accordance with DVIDS guidelines and copyright guidance.

The 8th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal flight is taking the fight to the coronavirus, using their 3D printing capabilities to create protective face shields for Wolf Pack Airmen fighting against COVID-19 at Kunsan Air Base.

The EOD flight began manufacturing plastic face shields two weeks ago in preparation for mask shortages the Wolf Pack may face.

“With diminishing supplies around the world, we are using the resources we possess to create face shields,” said Staff Sgt. Tyler McMillan Wammack, 8th CES EOD journeyman. “By engineering proper personal protective equipment, we are helping keep our frontline Airmen safe. We want to protect them as much as possible so they can continue their mission.”

The flight created two initial face shield designs, working closely with the 8th Medical Group to ensure the design both protects Airmen and prevents the spread of the disease. The current design uses three distinct pieces; the headband, plastic transparency sheet and elastic strap that holds the mask in place.

EOD has also been working closely with the 8th CES geobase flight to produce a mask that is lightweight, fitted and cost effective. EOD can use their printer to produce approximately 20 face shields per day, each costing less than $1 to produce.


“We’ve seen how fast this virus can spread, by producing protective face shields, we are able to maintain a backstock in the event we need them,” said Master Sgt. Devin Long, 8th CES EOD flight chief. “We’re at war with this virus, it’s all hands-on deck. We’re doing whatever we can do to help fight the good fight.” (DVIDS) reports are created independently of American Military News and are distributed by American Military News in accordance with DVIDS guidelines and copyright guidance. Use of DVIDS reports does not imply DVIDS endorsement of American Military News. American Military News is a privately owned media company and has no affiliation with the U.S. Department of Defense.