Centcom Officials Provide Update on Counterterrorism Strikes in Yemen

August 30, 2018

U.S. Central Command has conducted six counterterrorism airstrikes targeting the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula terrorist network in Yemen in three separate governorates since May 16, bringing the total number of airstrikes to 34, Centcom officials announced today.

The airstrikes took place in Yemen’s Shabwah, Hadramawt and Bayda governorates, officials said, noting that a recent United Nations report assessed that AQAP leaders recognize Yemen as a hub for external operations.

“AQAP has taken advantage of the conflicts in Yemen to plot, direct and encourage terror attacks abroad,” said Army Lt. Col. Earl Brown, a Centcom spokesman. “We will not relent on our pursuit of AQAP terrorists as they remain a significant threat to regional security and stability and the safety of Americans at home and abroad.”