Camp Foster hosts 2019 Comic Con Okinawa

October 15, 2019

Marine Corps Community Services, Okinawa, Japan, hosted its ninth annual Comic Con, Oct. 13 at Camp Foster.

The event started in 2011 and caters to comic book fans, movie fans, artists and video gamers, providing opportunities to meet and greet comic book industry professionals and celebrities. The event was open to all department of defense card holders and Japanese citizens.

Convention-goers by the hundreds, were spread-out all-over Camp Foster to include the fieldhouse, Community Center, Gunner’s Fitness Center parking lot, and Ocean Breeze.

“From all branches of media, movies, games, drawing/painting, costumes, basically a safe haven for the creatives to mingle. It’s a beautiful event to experience and be a part of. It’s my very first time, but it was better than what I imagined. I can’t wait to bring my talent to Comic Con every year if possible.” Pfc. Anthony Collazo, a combat engineer with 9th Engineer Support Battalion

The Okinawan humidity couldn’t stop passionate cosplayers from dressing up as their favorite animated popular culture and video game characters. People from all over the island of Okinawa gathered together to meet others that shared similar interests and to have a good time.

Pfc. Anthony Collazo, a combat engineer with 9th Engineer Support Battalion, could be spotted sketching astonishingly fast at a booth setup during the convention.

“I’ve been drawing since I was young,” said Collazo, a York, Pennsylvania native. “I fell in love with coloring in kindergarten. I consciously and vividly still remember that. It slowly flourished into more and more throughout my days in elementary,” he said. “I specifically remember being taken to the side and was told that I’m a great artist, but I need to study and do my work until I reach the 12th grade.”

191013-M-DG059-0009 Photo by Cpl. Kayla V. Staten

Comic Con held special events such as gaming tournaments, discussion panels, and performances from III Marine Expeditionary Forces Band.

There were also a variety of food venders, rides for kids, bounce houses, and rock climbing. This year’s Comic Con had something for everyone to enjoy.

MCCS Okinawa’s mission is to “make Okinawa home” by providing a premium yet cost-effective menu of quality of life programs and services designed to meet the needs of Marines and their families.