Beware of fraudulent scams during the holiday, Naval Hospital Bremerton says

Keep the scams and cons away... Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) stresses to remain vigilant during the holiday season. (Official Navy graphic by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ryan Riley, Naval Hospital Bremerton public affairs)
December 12, 2019

During the holiday season last year the phone rang one afternoon in the home of an elderly military veteran.

The caller stated they were from TRICARE pharmacy and needed to confirm his personal information.

Which unfortunately this gentlemen did, and fell victim to an identity scam.

TRICARE beneficiaries – regardless of where health care is received and what pharmacy is used – need to be aware of such scams – telephone, email, Internet – which can severely affect and impact anyone.

Many such scams seem to be aimed especially at the population over 65 and on Medicare.

The con artist will pose as a caller who will usually identify themselves as being an official TRICARE pharmacy ‘representative.’ The caller may have specific information that makes the call seem official, typically address, phone numbers and doctor’s name. The caller is hoping this is convincing enough to seem as though they are legitimate in order to get someone to openly share vital personal information, such as a social security number along with additional private and personal information.

Naval Hospital Bremerton emphasizes that if anyone receives a call like this, DO NOT provide or share any of your personal identifiable information, such as birth date, social security number or banking information.

TRICARE does not ask beneficiaries for this type of information. Nor does Naval Hospital Bremerton or anyone else for that matter.

The common types of frauds are banking, health, housing and mortgage, immigration, internet, mass marketing, postal mail, telemarketing and telephone.

If anyone thinks their personal information has been compromised, be sure and contact your financial institution and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at: or toll free 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) use their online complaint assistant to report various types of fraud:

Another good resource is the Washington State (and local) Consumer Protection Office(s): or 360-753-6200/toll free 1-800-551-4636.

For more information, please contact: or use the Defense Health Agency Fraud and Abuse Submission form at: