Army Maritime Service provides logistical support to Operation Spartan Shield

November 18, 2019

U.S. Army Soldiers and Vessels contribute to maintaining regional security and stability in Kuwait.

Aboard the Logistical Support Vessel – 5 (MG Charles P Gross), Warrant Officer Brandon Tune views the waters off the coast of Kuwait Naval Base. Today, the vessel is playing host to the 511th Engineer Dive Detachment and Kuwait Fire and Rescue Service during a joint training exercise. The exercise building partnerships and sharing of knowledge and experiences among U.S. and Kuwaiti forces.

Tune said his job is, “the best kept secret in the Army.” He started his Army career as a Combat Medic, 68W, then became a Practical Nurse, 68C. Tune, who was a Sergeant First Class, then heard about the Army Maritime Service through an email for a pilot program open to all Army military occupational specialties to become a Maritime Warrant Officer. Now in the Warrant Officer Corps, he still gets to lead Soldiers “due to the small amount of crew, the first, second, and third mates act as quasi-platoon sergeants,” Tune said.

In the past, the Logistical Support Vessel (LSV-5) has participated with in-stream cargo transfer with Military Sealift Command vessels in the Arabian Sea. The LSV-5 is a seafaring vessel, capable of crossing the ocean, fully manned and commanded by Soldiers.

The LSV-5 has a range of 8,500 nautical miles, and a cargo capacity of 2,000 short tons. This translates to 48 double stacked 20-foot intermodal containers, 26 M-1 Main Battle Tanks, 30 M-2/M-3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, or 37 M1127 Strykers. Besides the three onboard cranes, another unique feature is the large ramp at the front of the vessel that allows the LSV to move cargo/vehicles from a larger vessel, directly to the shore.

“Some of the great things about being in the boat field is the ability to see the world, not just from the land but from the sea as well,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Gary Bosler, LSV-5’s vessel master. “Our missions throughout the Centcom Area of Responsibility (CENTCOM AOR) transporting rolling stock, containers, any and everything that can get loaded onto the deck to support the overall mission of Spartan Shield and anything else we can do to help out the warfighters.” Bosler has been an active duty mariner for 18 years.

Bosler said the Maritime Service is always looking for talented individuals.

“The maritime field MOS is the best kept secret in the Army,” Bosler said. “We are able to do things here that will translate into job opportunities on the outside. You learn a valuable skill set, and get a great education.”