A reinforced “NAVY” crew at CAOC Al Udeid

April 08, 2019

The French detachment at the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) in Al Udeid Airforce Base, Qatar, has been recently reinforced by a significant French Navy backups supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Some of these sailors occupy positions with joint competency that can be occupied indifferently by sailors, airmen or soldiers like the targeting officer, the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) in charge of tactical data links, the Tactical Director onboard a French E-3F AWACS, the detachment’s treasurer and the secretary. In addition to them, several naval aviators have been deployed specifically for the integration of naval aircraft into OIR. Within the cradle of the planning and conduct of air operations in the Levant, the latter are particularly in charge of the aircraft of the Charles de Gaulle’s Strike Group currently deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Atlantique 2, already deployed in the Joint Operation Area (JOA) for several months.

In total, nearly a dozen sailors, from the master chief (OR5) to the captain (O6), are part of the French detachment that permanently armed this structure within a staff of the USAF sharing the same mission: allow all French aircraft to better integrate into the Coalition’s fight against the terrorists and allow them to achieve their missions, exploiting the full spectrum of their capacities. The presence of these men and women at the CAOC in Al Udeid exemplifies the commitment of France, alongside its allies, to carry out the fight against Daesh.