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Chinese ‘cyber police’ agent helps illegal immigrants enter the US: Report

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June 18, 2024

A secretive social media account, run by an individual claiming to be a Chinese government agent, is providing Chinese language speakers with instructions on how to illegally enter the United States.

An account on the encrypted instant messaging app Telegram named “美洲自助游分享群” (in English as “The American Self-Guided Tour Channel”) purports to provide Chinese language instructions on illegally crossing into the U.S. through its southern border. 

The account, which was first identified by The Daily Caller, has shared a list of recommended crossing points along the U.S.-Mexico border. The account has also provided Chinese speakers with instructions on how to answer screening questions if they are apprehended by U.S. Border officials and a script for requesting asylum if indeed they are apprehended while attempting to illegally cross the border.

The Telegram account’s administrator uses the handle “Jack W.” In an April 30 conversation captured by The Daily Caller, the Telegram user identified himself as a “cyber police” officer affiliated with the Chinese government. In another conversation later that day, Jack W said his office made him “responsible for national security affairs, fighting reactionaries and foreign hostile forces.”

In an April 22 conversation, Jack W also discussed recruiting for China’s Ministry of State Security and told those interested in working for the ministry to take the National Civil Servant exam.

Further evidence suggests a Chinese government connection to the Telegram account, as the account has blocked users who have made critical remarks about the Chinese government.

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On June 4, the account also shared a pair of posts celebrating the 35th anniversary of the violent 1989 clearing of China’s Tiananmen Square by Chinese government authorities as the defeat of a Western-backed color revolution. 

The Tiananmen Square incident, often referred to in the West as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, saw hundreds of demonstrators killed by Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops. Chinese government sources acknowledge around 200 people were killed in the violent protest crackdown, though there is no official consensus on the true number of casualties.

No activity has appeared on “The American Self-Guided Tour Channel” Telegram account since June 4.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) expressed his dismay at the thought of Chinese agents subverting U.S. border security in such a relatively open setting as Telegram.

“We’re allowing an element that is completely beyond our law to be established firmly as a beachhead in the United States of America, and the people of America are going to pay a severe price, much worse than we are paying even now,” Bishop told The Daily Caller.