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Video: Trump effigy burned by Ukrainian troops: Report

Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers assault an OPFOR controlled mock village during training at Rapid Trident 2021. (Staff Sgt. David Carnahan/U.S. Army)
May 03, 2024

A new video shared on social media appears to show members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine burning an effigy of former President Donald Trump. The three individuals in the video allegedly warned Trump in Ukrainian, saying, “You will never be president again.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a journalist and commentator, shared the video Thursday on X, formerly Twitter. Cheong wrote, “Members of the Ukrainian army burn an effigy of Donald Trump. ‘You will never be president again.'”

The video, which was shared on both X and Telegram, appears to show three masked Ukrainian soldiers next to a cardboard cutout or model of the former president.

A translation of the alleged Ukrainian soldiers’ speech stated, “We address Donald Trump. Because of you, bastard, President Zelensky couldn’t get any weapons. You will never be president again. You are a traitor; you will pay with your blood for what you did.”

After threatening Trump, the three soldiers were recorded setting the Trump effigy on fire.

Thursday’s video led to mixed reactions on social media. One user doubted the authenticity of the video and tweeted that it appeared to be recorded with “far east Russian accents.”

Another user wrote, “Have you ever heard Ukrainian being spoken? If you tried speaking Ukrainian, you would sound like them, like a clown trying to speak a language you do not know, reading from a notecard with a weird accent.”

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“Any russian or Ukrainian speaker could tell off the bat that this is staged,” a third user tweeted. “Sounds Ukrainian, but is memorized with heavy accent on consonants, as if russian would speak. Like you can recognize russian speaking English.”

On the other hand, some users defended the former president and responded with backlash toward the alleged Ukrainian soldiers in the video. One user wrote, “These idiots do not realise that if Trump was USA’s President the war between Russia and Ukraine never would’ve started.”

President Joe Biden recently signed a bill providing another $60 billion in taxpayer funding to Ukraine as the country continues to fight against Russia’s invasion. The bill was passed with bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently claimed the bill, which included a “loan component,” “would not have passed without Donald Trump.”