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Video: Whistleblower group claims China launched ‘terrorist attack’ on Baltimore bridge: Report

FBI agents. (Melanie Rodgers Cox/US Air Force)
April 15, 2024

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly conducting a criminal investigation into last month’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, which led to the death of six construction workers. The FBI’s investigation, which was confirmed on Monday, comes as a new report claims that the bridge collapse was allegedly a “terrorist attack” directed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Two U.S. officials told The Washington Post that officials are currently investigating the events that led to the Dali container ship losing power and crashing into one of the Baltimore bridge’s main support pillars. The outlet noted that the FBI’s criminal investigation will consider whether the Dali’s crew knew the ship had problems prior to leaving the port.

“The FBI is present aboard the cargo ship Dali conducting court authorized law enforcement activity,” the FBI said Monday in a statement obtained by The New York Post.”

While the FBI confirmed it was investigating the container ship, the agency did not provide additional details concerning the investigation.

On Monday, the FBI told Fox News, “There is no other public information available, and we will have no further comment.”

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According to The New York Post, two “deficiencies” were found over the course of 27 inspections of the Dali since the ship was constructed in in 2015, with the most recent deficiency discovered in June of 2023.

Following the collapse of the Baltimore bridge last month, Gov. Wes Moore (D-Md.) said the “preliminary investigation” into the incident pointed to an “accident.” At the time, the Maryland governor said the investigation had not revealed “any credible evidence of a terrorist attack.” Bill DelBagno, the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Baltimore Field Office, also confirmed that there was “no specific or credible information to suggest that there are ties to terrorism.”

A new video published by NFSC Speaks, self-described as a whistleblower movement founded by Miles Guo, an exiled Chinese businessman and political activist with the goal of taking down the CCP, claims that the Baltimore bridge incident was allegedly a “terrorist attack” that may have been launched by the CCP.

“Today, we are going to bring you a piece of exclusive intelligence that we have received from our supporters within the CCP,” the NFSC said in the video. “This attack is being carried out by the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, using remote towing technology. It is a terrorist attack.”

The NFSC warned that if the CCP could “tow a freighter to collapse Baltimore’s bridge,” the CCP could do the same thing with “any vehicle you can think of” that has a signal, chip, radio, or antenna.

The whistleblower movement also claimed that people inside the U.S. government allegedly knew that the CCP may have been involved in the bridge collapse and did not report it. However, the NFSC added that no official statement has been made to confirm the allegation.