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Video: Humanoid UFO seen in California sky: Report

Seven-term lawmaker Rep.Andre Carson (D-Ind.) will oversee a public examination of unexplained aerial phenomena -- UFOs. (Dreamstime/TNS)
April 17, 2024

A viral video posted Sunday on social media appears to show an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Sequoia Park in California. Eyewitnesses of the UFO claimed that the object appeared in the sky in the shape of a person.

The video, which was shared Sunday on X, formerly Twitter, by the @525vibes social media channel, appears to show a humanoid UFO glowing in the California sky. “It has something on its side… it looks like a person with his arms sticking out,” a voice can be heard describing the object in the video. “It looks like a person almost. It appears like a person, but it’s an anomaly.”

While the individual recording the video suggested that the UFO had human-like qualities, News 18 reported that social media users offered a variety of theories pertaining to the identity of the UFO. Social media users suggested that the object could be a genuine UFO, a hologram of Jesus, or another satellite balloon.

According to The Daily Caller, the UFO sighting above Sequoia Park, California, is unique because multiple witnesses have reported seeing the same UFO for years without an explanation regarding what the UFO actually is.

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According to News 18, a similar video to Sunday’s video of the California UFO sighting was posted seven years ago on the Jay C Aerial Anomali YouTube channel by Jonathan Castro. In a caption to the video, Castro wrote, “I summoned and captured this one in front of my house back in August of this year. Decided to motion track and zoom this a little for a better close-up.”

Castro has posted multiple videos of alleged UFO sightings on his YouTube channel. According to News 18, the YouTube creator has repeatedly claimed that the UFOs were “interdimensional beings” he recorded from outside his house. However, News 18 noted that Castro’s eyewitness accounts have not been verified.