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Video: FBI exposed for Jan 6 involvement by CIA officer: Report

FBI agent. (FBI/Released)
April 10, 2024

A contracting officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently told an undercover journalist that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents were present during the storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In a new video recorded by an undercover journalist from Sound Investigations, Gavin O’Blennis claimed to be a contracting officer for the CIA who formerly worked for the FBI. The government officer was secretly recorded telling the undercover journalist that approximately 20 undercover FBI agents were located throughout the crowd during the January 6 protest on Capitol Hill.

Asked to confirm whether FBI agents were “in the crowd” on January 6, O’Blennis told the undercover journalist, “There are, there always are when there’s a big protest in DC, just in case it gets out of hand like that.”

The CIA contracting officer told the undercover journalist there were not enough FBI agents to “turn that tide” on January 6 since the FBI only had about 20 agents present at the time. He added, “You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd.”

When O’Blennis was asked to confirm that only 20 FBI agents were deployed throughout the crowd, the CIA contracting officer responded, “Yeah, just to go through, to observe, to see what they can hear, you know, that kind of thing.”

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O’Blennis was also recorded telling the undercover Sound Investigations reporter that the FBI did not want the American public to know that agents had been in the January 6 crowd. Asked whether he knew any of the agents who were at the January 6 protest, O’Blennis confirmed that he personally knew some of the agents and explained that some of them currently work for the CIA.

Asked whether people know that the FBI had agents in the January 6 crowd, O’Blennis said, “Nope, and they probably never will.”

According to Real Clear Politics, FBI Director Christopher Wray previously told Congress that he was “not sure there were undercover agents on scene.” Pressed about the matter by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Wray added, “I do not believe that there were undercover agents on scene.”

The Sound Investigations video also showed the CIA agent sharing how the agency uses various methods to pursue government targets.

“You can kinda put anyone in jail if you know what to do … You set ’em up,” O’Blennis said. “You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse, and once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment. It’s a fine line.”