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Video: Chinese immigrant takes down gun control activist

Examples of some semi-automatic rifles. (John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/TNS)
April 11, 2024

A viral video shows a Chinese immigrant and gun owner shut down David Hogg, a gun control activist, during a recent open mic session.

In a video posted Thursday on social media by Turning Point CEO and Founder Charlie Kirk, a woman named Lily Tang Williams introduced herself during an open mic portion of an event with Hogg as a “Chinese immigrant who survived communism” and welcomed the young gun control activist to the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire.

“Under Mao, you know, 40 million people were starving to death after he sold communism to them. And 20 million people died, murdered during his ‘Cultural revolution,'” Williams said. “So my question to you, David, is that can you guarantee me, a gun owner tonight, our government in the U.S. in D.C. will never, never become a tyrannical government? Can you guarantee that to me?”

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In response to the Chinese immigrant and gun owner’s question, Hogg said there was no way he could “ever guarantee” that a nation’s government would not become “tyrannical.”

“Well, then the debate on gun control is over because I will never give up my guns, never, never,” Williams told Hogg. “And you should go to China to see how gun control works for [the] dictatorship of the CCP.”

Writing a caption to the video on social media, Kirk said the gun control activist was “torched” by the Chinese immigrant. “This is what happens when liberals do an open mic,” the Turning Point USA CEO added. “They get wrecked. They can’t defend their positions.”

According to a press release from a recent event featuring Hogg at Penn State, the gun activist was one of the students at the 2018 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. After witnessing the tragic shooting incident, Hogg helped establish the March for Our Lives gun control movement.