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Viral Video: Illegal immigrant mocks American taxpayers

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers. (ICE/Released)
March 28, 2024

Leonel Moreno, an illegal immigrant influencer, posted videos on Wednesday mocking American taxpayers and people who come to the United States to work for a living.

Moreno, who previously encouraged other illegal immigrants to “invade” American houses and take advantage of liberal squatting laws, posted five short video clips Wednesday on Instagram, bragging to other illegal immigrants and people who legally work in the United States that he did not have to work much to make large amounts of money in the United States.

“I didn’t cross the Rio Grande to work like a slave,” Moreno said in one of the videos, according to Fox News. “I came to the U.S. to mark my territory.”

Waving stacks of $100 bills in the videos, the Venezuelan national boasted that he had enough money to support his wife and baby for at least 18 months without having to work in the United States.

In one of the videos, which was shared by a social media user on X, Moreno said, “You’re hurt because I make more than you without much work while you work like slaves, understand? That’s the difference between you and me. I’m always going to make lots of money without much work, and you’re always going to be exploited and miserable and insignificant.”

Fox News reported that the illegal immigrant influencer’s TikTok account, which had over 500,000 followers, was seemingly removed from the social media platform on Wednesday.

Despite losing access to his TikTok account, Fox News reported that Moreno posted another video bragging that he would continue making money on Facebook and Instagram and continue taking advantage of government programs.

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“I won’t earn the same, but I am going to get my TikTok account back,” he said. “I am going to keep earning money.”

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) documents reviewed by The New York Post, Moreno, who illegally entered the United States in 2022, is currently listed as an “absconder” from federal immigration authorities.

The New York Post reported that the illegal immigrant was previously enrolled in the Alternatives to Detention program, which allows immigration authorities to track illegal immigrants with ankle monitors or other forms of tracking technology.

“We have witnessed yet another individual who was allowed entry into the US under the ATD program, only to abscond and make TikTok videos explaining how to break the law,” John Fabbricatore, a former ICE field office director, told The New York Post. “The question stands — how many thousands more are out there unaccounted for after fleeing this program?”