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Squatters take over $4.5 million Hollywood home; elites furious

Police car lights. (Dan Scanlan/Florida Times-Union/TNS)
March 29, 2024

Members of the Hollywood elite are furious as squatters continue to host “massive parties” after taking over a $4.5 million Beverly Grove home, which is located just outside Beverly Hills and Bel Aire.

According to USA Today, the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Hollywood celebrities, producers, executives, and other wealthy residents has been plagued by squatters who moved into an empty house in October and started hosting “massive parties” with “cocaine and orgies.” The New York Magazine’s Curbed reported that the squatting issue has led neighbors, including NBA star LeBron James, to complain about the behavior of the squatters and the condition of the neighborhood.

An anonymous Hollywood producer recently complained to The New York Magazine’s Curbed, asking, “Who the f-ck are these people squatting in the most exclusive Zip Code in America?”

USA Today reported that the $4.5 million home, located in Beverly Grove, was previously owned by Munir Uwaydah, an orthopedic surgeon who fled the country for Lebanon after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, 21-year-old Julianna Redding.

John Woodward IV told USA Today that he discovered that squatters had been in the Beverly Grove home since October after he was appointed by the Los Angeles County Criminal Court to sell the property. The real estate agent explained that when he arrived at the property, he found that the locks had been changed and the squatters had removed the “FOR SALE” sign.

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Woodward claimed that the squatters had been renting out rooms at the $5 million property and “throwing massive parties all night long.”

“The cops have probably been up there no less than 50 times,” Woodward added. “They’re having crack parties and laughing gas parties and orgies and all sorts of (things) going on up there.”

Woodward told USA Today that while some people have been arrested at the home on nuisance and drug charges, the arrests have not deterred the squatters from continuing to hold parties and engage in disruptive behavior.

“They ran out a rage party every night up there,” Woodward told USA Today. “Everybody’s so upset about the situation.”

According to ABC7, while the Los Angeles Police Department has been at the $4.5 million multiple times, the police have not been able to remove the squatters due to the complications surrounding the ownership of the home. The outlet reported that the squatters allegedly possess driver’s licenses that are registered to the property, which has further complicated the process of evicting the squatters.