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Pic: US military teaches race is ‘fictional,’ parents incapable of teaching children: Report

Brig. Gen. Aaron Walter, commander of the 100th Training Division-Leader Development, visits the officers attending the Command and General Staff College Phase Two 4x4 Course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, June 10, 2019. (Sgt. 1st Class Emily Anderson/80th Training Command (Reserve))
March 10, 2024

An unclassified document for the U.S. Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Arkansas, allegedly shows that mandatory training for U.S. military members includes teachings that race is fictional; that racism is engrained in education, economic systems, and current laws; and that parents are incapable of properly teaching their children about racism.

A picture of the alleged training curriculum’s key concepts was shared Monday by Libs of TikTok on X, formerly Twitter.

“Mandatory training for military members teaches that America was founded on racism, and parents are too ignorant and dumb to teach their children about it,” Libs of TikTok wrote in an accompanying message. “They think parents need to stay out of their kids’ education and shouldn’t have a say in what they learn.”

Libs of TikTok warned that the curriculum teaches that only the government “knows what’s best for your child and how to properly educate them.”

According to the picture of the alleged mandatory military training curriculum, U.S. service members at the U.S. Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Arkansas, will be taught that “race is a fictional, social construct” that stems from the 15th century’s economic needs and was “exacerbated by early anthropologists and humanist philosophers.”

The training also teaches that the “fictional” construct of race has enabled concepts such as “whiteness” and “blackness,” enables the “false recognition” that a certain group of people is inferior to other groups of people, and has become “grounded into global societal and economic fabric.”

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The mandatory training allegedly claims that racism is “engrained” in education, current laws, economic systems, and individual and collective biases.

According to the training, the current education system in the United States does not “provide the context” or the “language” required to “have appropriate discourse on systemic racism.” The training claims that the current education system does not prepare students for “critical thinking” at the college level.

The training also covers individual and collective biases. The description of the concept states, “What PARENTS BELIEVE their child SHOULD/SHOULD NOT LEARN- because they are a failed product of the exact same system, and do not possess the ‘self-awareness’; ‘critical thought capacity’ and ‘WILLINGNESS’ to have the discussion at home.”

Additional key components in the alleged mandatory military training curriculum include the idea that racism is “an issue of attitude vs. simple bigotry,” the teaching that “white guilt is valueless,” and the claim that white individuals are “personally responsible” for the racial bias in culture both today and in the future.