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Viral Video: Gang of illegal immigrants drags woman down NYC street

NYPD. (Bernhard Richter/Dreamstime/TNS)
February 06, 2024

A newly released video shows a gang of illegal immigrants dragging a 62-year-old woman down the street in Brooklyn after the gang allegedly robbed the woman.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) released a video Monday showing the 62-year-old woman being dragged down Sheepshead Bay Road on December 28 after allegedly being robbed by a gang of illegal immigrants.

The NYPD told The New York Post that law enforcement arrested 19-year-old Cleyber Andrade and 23-year-old Juan Uzcatgui on Monday. The two suspects are allegedly connected with a gang in New York City that has been linked to 62 grand larceny incidents.

The NYPD’s video shows one of the suspects on a moped while dragging 62-year-old Irina Panteleeva down the road near the Bay Gourmet Deli Juice Bar. According to The New York Post, the illegal immigrant gang stole the 62-year-old’s glasses, keys, bag, phone, and credit cards.

According to The New York Post, law enforcement authorities are currently searching for Victor Parra, an illegal immigrant believed to be the leader of the alleged gang of illegal immigrants in New York City.

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During a press conference on Monday, NYPD Inspector Nicholas Fiore said Parra used other illegal immigrants to “go do his dirty work to grab phones and stuff.”

“He’s the big target,” Fiore added. “He’s caused a lot of problems in New York City. And hopefully we’ll grab him. We get some headway on this.”

The two illegal immigrant gang suspects allegedly provided law enforcement members with Parra’s location after being taken into custody on Monday. The New York Post also reported that the NYPD has identified six other illegal immigrants allegedly involved in the crime ring. Each of the suspects has reportedly been arrested in the past for grand larceny incidents and been released without bail.

During Monday’s press conference, New York City Mayor Adams made it “extremely clear” that criminals in the city will face consequences whether they are a long-time resident of New York, an immigrant, or an asylum seeker.

“You break the law, you will be investigated, and it will be handled by our criminal justice system,” Adams said. “You should not be allowed to walk the streets of the city of New York if you are committing any form of criminal behavior that’s impacting the quality of life of New Yorkers,” he continued.

The mayor concluded that criminals “do not have a license to steal” in New York City.