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Video: Illegal immigration skyrockets 240% on northern border 

U.S Border Patrol agents in Florida. (John Gibbins/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS)
February 19, 2024

A new report reveals that illegal immigration is rapidly increasing along the northern border of the United States while Customs and Border Protection directs most of its resources to the southern border crisis.

According to statistics shared by Customs and Border Protection, illegal immigration at the northern border increased by 240% last year, with over 12,200 immigrants crossing illegally into the United States through Canada.

The New York Post reported that roughly 70% of last year’s illegal immigrant crossings at the northern border occurred along the Swanton Sector, which is a 295-mile section of the northern border of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

The New York Post cited experts who have suggested that illegal immigrants who have the money to purchase a one-way plane ticket from Cancun or Mexico City to Toronto or Montreal have discovered that they are more likely to enter the United States without being caught if they cross the northern border of the U.S. instead of the southern border, where Customs and Border Protection concentrates most of its resources.

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Highlighting the growing crisis at the northern border, New York Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay Lake) told The New York Times, “The northern border has pretty much been ignored.”

The New York Post recently interviewed multiple individuals in Swanton, Vermont, who explained that the wooded region has become a popular spot for human smugglers to bring illegal immigrants across the northern border. Local resident and hunter Chris Feeley, age 52, told The New York Post that he now has Border Patrol agents “on speed dial” due to the increase in illegal immigrant sightings in the area.

As someone who has hunted in the region for decades, Feeley told The New York Post that over the past year, the situation has become “real crazy” in the typically peaceful woods of northern Vermont. He acknowledged that the increased illegal immigration along the northern border has resulted in serious safety concerns.

Feeley told the New York Post, “The Border Patrol actually told us, ‘You guys might want to put a pistol in your backpack’ because nine out of 10 of them are just here for a better life, but there’s that one guy that’s got a rap sheet.”

In a post on social media, Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, shared a video revealing pictures and a video clip captured by Feeley’s trail cameras. The video allegedly shows illegal immigrants crossing from Canada into the United States along the northern border. Feeley told The New York Post that his trail cameras currently capture human smuggling activities “at least once a week.”