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Army vet warns Americans are stockpiling for food disaster

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February 12, 2024

A United States Army veteran recently warned that Americans are increasingly stockpiling food supplies for potential emergencies or doomsday disasters as the threat of food instability continues to loom.

Jason Nelson, a disabled U.S. Army combat veteran, Texas congressional candidate, and founder of Prepper All Naturals, recently told Fox Business, “[M]ost people are concerned, not just about the larger conflicts, but I think that they are concerned about the price of current goods and they see the availability of things, shrinkflation if you will, and I think people are becoming more and more aware of just how precarious their access to those items are.”

Nelson launched Prepper All Naturals alongside a fellow combat veteran in 2021 as a cooked freeze-dried beef company. The company was designed to meet what the two veterans saw as a need for quality meat that could be stored for a significant length of time in the face of growing food instability. Nelson told Fox Business that the company has doubled in size every six months due to the increasing demand for food products with a longer shelf life.

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Nelson told Fox News that he believes more Americans are purchasing doomsday food supplies after realizing how “helpless” they were during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think people also realized that they were kind of helpless. So it wasn’t just that they couldn’t get access to stuff, but it was that they had no ability whatsoever to supplement that in their own lives,” he said.

Nelson added, “So even whether it be a creature comfort or a basic necessity, I think that that awareness overall broadened during COVID and of course, is exacerbated right now because people, once they started paying attention to the supply chain, they’re able to connect the dots between, for example, the breadbasket in Ukraine or rice shortages coming out of Asia, or, drought affecting beef production here in the United States.”

The U.S. Army veteran told Fox News that Americans need to understand that food distribution systems in the United States only have roughly two weeks worth of food at any given time. As a result, he warned that if the food distribution systems break down, food availability will “drop to near zero.”

Nelson hopes that his products not only allow people to prepare for “apocalypse” scenarios but also encourage people to consider “what they really need to do to be self-sustainable.”