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Video: Trump assassination possible, Tucker Carlson warns

Tucker Carlson speaks at Turning Point USA's AmericaFest 2022 on Dec. 17, 2022 in Phoenix. (Brian Cahn/ZUMA Press Wire/TNS)
January 02, 2024

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently expressed concerns regarding the way Democrats have been “accelerating steps” against former President Donald Trump, which he believes could result in a Trump assassination attempt.

During a recent interview with Dan Bongino, a conservative commentator and former Fox News host, Carlson warned that an assassination attempt on Trump could be the next step the former president’s political opponents take to ensure that he does not win another term as president in this year’s election.

The Tucker Carlson Network co-creator explained that “everything is dynamic” in life and that future events can be predicted based on whether situations are “accelerating” or “decelerating.”

“In the case of Trump, they started with protests, they moved to impeachment, now they’re at indictment. None of it has worked,” Carlson told Bongino. “What’s next? What is, what could possibly be next?”

Carlson added, “If you felt, and you really believe it, and a lot of them do, that the worst thing that could happen to the country, and more specifically, to you in the professional class is to have Donald Trump as president — and everything you have tried has failed, and they have been accelerating steps – protests, impeachment, indictment – like, how many more arrows do you have in your quiver? And what’s the next one? And of course it’s assassination.”

Doubling down on his warning, Carlson explained that it is “not crazy” to discuss a potential assassination of Trump since “assassination happens around the world.” As an example, Carlson pointed to a recent conversation he had with the former president of Haiti about the assassination of his political successor at the presidential palace.

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Carlson warned that assassinations have occurred in the United States “far more often than we’re willing to admit.” Carlson added that he has raised concerns regarding the potential for an assassination attempt to Trump; however, he said Trump “did not engage” with his comments regarding assassination.

While the former Fox News host acknowledged that he does not know what the former president thinks about the possibility of his political opponents resorting to assassination, Carlson said Trump is smart, “so he must know that it’s true.”

Highlighting the intense hatred Trump’s opponents have for the former president, Carlson told Bongino, “They don’t have any boundaries at all… What are their boundaries in this case? I literally don’t think they have boundaries, and I think that we should be prepared, as least internally, psychologically, for them to do anything.”