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Video: Sen. Ted Cruz endorses Trump, says GOP primary race ‘is over’

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas speaks at the Texas Values "Faith, Family and Freedom Forum" in Sept. 2019. (Eli Imadali/Austin American-Statesman/TNS)
January 17, 2024

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) announced his endorsement of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday, describing Trump’s win in Iowa as a “dominating victory” for the former president.

Just one day after Trump’s historic win in the Iowa caucuses, Cruz, who was Trump’s top Republican rival in the 2016 GOP primary and beat the former president in Iowa, announced his endorsement during an interview on “Hannity” on Fox News.

“Last night was decisive. It was a dominating victory for Donald Trump,” Cruz told Sean Hannity. “I’m a big believer in letting democracy play out. Well, last night it played out and I gotta say, Trump’s victory was across the board. He won 51% of the vote; he won 98 of the counties.”

After congratulating Trump for his performance in Iowa, Cruz told Hannity that he believes the GOP presidential primary race “is over.” In light of that belief, Cruz announced that he was “proud” to endorse Trump in his 2024 campaign for the White House.

“I look forward to supporting him enthusiastically because I think it’s time for the Republican Party to unite, for us to come together,” Cruz said. “We’ve got to beat Joe Biden, we’ve got to beat this disastrous cultural Marxist agenda in the White House.”

Cruz told Hannity the Republican Party needs to “come together and win” in order to hold its majority in the House of Representatives and retake the Senate in the November elections. He added, “With the results last night, the people have spoken, it’s time to move onward to victory in November.”

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Asked about the remainder of the electoral map in the Republican primary race, Cruz explained that while New Hampshire could be a close contest, he does not see any other GOP candidate having a clear “path to victory” other than Trump.

“I think after New Hampshire, it will go to South Carolina. I believe in South Carolina, you’re gonna see Trump win a dominating victory in South Carolina. And after that, you’ve got Super Tuesday. I don’t see a path for any candidate after that,” Cruz said. “And I’m a big believer we need to let the process play out. It did, and the results last night — 51%, 98 counties — that’s compelling.”

After Monday’s results in Iowa, Cruz told Hannity that the focus of the 2024 presidential election should be on “substance and policy and records.” He suggested that the majority of Americans are worse off under the Biden administration than they were under the Trump administration.