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Trump makes bold prediction about Biden; warns president is surrounded by ‘evil’ people

Donald J. Trump at the White House on Nov. 13, 2020. (Tia Dufour/White House) | Joe Biden at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Feb. 2020. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)
December 07, 2023

Former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2024, recently predicted that President Joe Biden would not be the Democrat Party’s nominee for president next year and warned Biden is surrounded by “evil” people.

During an appearance on Fox News in Iowa, host Sean Hannity commented that Biden is “struggling cognitively” and pressed Trump on who he believes the Democrat nominee will be.

“I can’t think of, in the last couple of months, any appearance that he’s had where he wasn’t either mumbling or bumbling or stumbling, or having no clue where to go, where to exit. Now, my question is, do you think in eleven months, he will be their candidate?” Hannity asked.

“I personally don’t think he makes it, OK? I haven’t said that. I’m saving it for this big town hall. I personally don’t think he makes it,” Trump said. “I think he’s in bad shape physically.”

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“Do you remember when he said, ‘I’d like to take him behind the barn’? If he took me behind the barn and I went like this,” Trump said while pretending to lightly blow on Biden. “He would fall. I believe he’d fall.”

The crowd erupted in laughter as Trump continued to mock Biden, saying, “I believe he’d fall over, but who knows? Who knows?”

“I personally don’t think he makes it physically,” Trump added. “I watched him at the beach. He wasn’t able to lift a beach chair, which is meant for children to lift. And mentally, I would say he’s possibly equally as bad, and maybe even worse.”

Trump noted that Biden has “vicious” and “evil” people surrounding him in the White House.

“There are people in that Oval Office that are evil people. Bad people. Smart people. Young, vicious, they’re communist,” Trump said.