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Graphic video: Police dog bites teen suspect, leaves flesh hanging

A K9 police dog at work. (Dreamstime/TNS)
December 03, 2023

Newly released video footage shows Los Angeles Police Department officers using a police K-9 to arrest a teen theft suspect in October. During the arrest, the police dog bit the teenager, resulting in a bloody injury that left the teenager’s flesh hanging off his arm.

Video footage released Tuesday by the Lost Angeles Police Department shows 18-year-old Andrew Valdez being arrested after he and four other suspects allegedly stole an SUV and engaged in roughly a six-mile high-speed chase with police that eventually resulted in the crash of the stolen SUV.

Following the police chase, police arrested the four other vehicle theft suspects. However, in the video, Valdez can be seen climbing the wall of an overpass and attempting to hide from the police, resulting in a police search of the area.

According to The Daily Caller, police officers asked local residents to remain indoors, while the officers shouted warnings to Valdez that a police K-9 would be deployed in the area if he did not come out from hiding. Valdez was warned that the deployment of the K-9 could result in him being attacked and possibly injured by the police dog.

Despite the warnings of the police officers, Valdez did not emerge from his hiding spot. Not long after the police K-9 was deployed, a sharp cry of pain came from the shrubs where Valdez was attempting to hide.

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Body camera footage from the police officers documented the exchange between Valdez and the officers after the 18-year-old suspect was attacked by the dog.

“All right, start crawling towards us, we’re gonna take care of you,” an officer told the teenager. As Valdez emerged from hiding, he was recorded moaning in pain due to a major wound on his left arm, which was covered in blood and had flesh hanging off it, according to the video footage.

As Valdez complied with the police officer’s orders to drop to his knees, the 18-year-old claimed, “I was just sleeping.” He added, “What am I being arrested for?”

Additional video footage shared by the police department showed officers tending to his wound. One officer can be heard addressing the flesh hanging from his arm, saying, “It’s just—it’s just flap of skin, that’s all that is.” Another officer assured Valdez that they would put a bandage on his wound.

Asked if he was going to be alright, an officer said, “Yeah, it’s gonna be fine.” Meanwhile, another officer said, “We’re gonna stitch it back right now.”

In response to Valdez questioning what he did to deserve the wound that was inflicted by the police K-9, the police officer applying medical aid to Valdez’s wound said, “The ambulance is on its way. I know, I know, it’s horrible, I know.”

Los Angeles Police Department Captain Kelly Muñiz explained in the video that was released Tuesday that the 18-year-old was arrested for felony evading and was booked at Valley Jail Division while he received medical attention at a local hospital. Muñiz noted that the October incident is still under investigation due to the department’s “Use of Force” policy.

Graphic video footage of the incident can be seen below.