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Vids/Pic: Calif. streets lined with Chinese flags for Chinese Communist president

Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Lan Hongguang/Xinhua/Sipa USA/TNS)
November 15, 2023

Prior to President Joe Biden’s Wednesday meeting with Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco, California, videos of the city’s streets lined with Chinese flags circulated on social media, sparking widespread outrage.

According to Newsweek, Xi and Biden’s Wednesday meeting, which is part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, is the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders in a year. The meeting between Biden and the Chinese communist leader has been viewed as a pivotal measure in preventing tensions between the United States and China from escalating.

However, as the Chinese president and his motorcade escort arrived in San Fransisco, controversial video footage was posted on social media, showing the city celebrating Xi’s arrival with countless Chinese flags.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, The Post Millennial’s investigative reporter, Katie Daviscourt, shared a video of the Chinese flags along the streets of San Francisco, saying, “Oh look, San Francisco turned into China for President Xi’s arrival. Finally revealing its true colors.”

Sharing similar video footage on social media, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder and CEO, tweeted, “Xi Jinping arrives in San Francisco and not a single American flag to be seen.”

A social media user with the X account “I Meme Therefore I Am” shared a photo of Chinese flags lining the streets of San Fransisco, stating, “This is happening on American soil. You will never see American flags paraded on the streets of Beijing.”

In addition to the public outrage over Chinese flags lining the streets of California in celebration of the Chinese president, social media users questioned the sudden disappearance of homeless camps throughout San Fransisco this week in preparation for Xi’s arrival.

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One social media user, sharing a video comparison of the streets, tweeted, “Did Gavin sell California to China? He didn’t clean up the streets for Californians. But cleaned it up for a communist dictator. Where did all the homeless go? They can clean up their cities but refuse to.”

Other social media users blamed the Biden administration and Democrat policies for the poor conditions of San Francisco that have been recorded in recent years while calling out the same Democrat leaders for quickly changing the conditions of the city in order to impress the Chinese president.

“The CCP flew a SPY BALLOON over America and now they get a parade down the streets of San Francisco,” Alec Lace, a podcast host and journalist, wrote. “Notice there’s no drug addicts lining the streets as usual. They were stuffed in hotels, not to make them safer for American citizens, but so Xi Jinping doesn’t see how badly democrat policies have failed. This is Joe Biden’s AMERICA.”

After meeting with Biden on Wednesday, Xi is scheduled to remain in California until Nov. 17, according to Newsweek.