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Video: NYC resident rages against gov’t over illegal immigrant crisis

The Empire State Building in New York City. (Mark Bonifacio/New York Daily News/TNS)
November 27, 2023

A resurfaced video on social media shows a New York City resident expressing his outrage toward the government’s handling of the migrant crisis.

In September, multiple protesters interrupted a Midtown press conference on New York City’s migrant crisis featuring Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jerry Nadler, as well as other Democrat lawmakers, according to The New York Post. The protesters shouted phrases such as “close the border” and “send them back.”

The media interviewed some of the protesters as cameras recorded what the New York Post described as chaotic scenes near the main migrant intake site for New York City.

“Close the border, close the border. Respect the constitution AOC. I am your constituent,” one protestor shouted. 

Former Queens City Council candidate, 44-year-old Jonathan Rinaldi was one of the most vocal protesters on the streets. According to the New York Post, a security guard was forced to shove Rinaldi behind a barricade as he continued to scream in outrage toward government leaders.

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Resurfaced video footage, posted on X, formerly Twitter, by “Wall Street Apes,” shows Rinaldi’s interaction with a Fox News reporter.

“This is up to us. This is up to each and every one of us to stand up. Nobody’s coming here for us. We’re here for ourselves. If we don’t get up and fight for our city, nobody’s coming for us,” Rinaldi told the Fox News reporter. “They’re coming to destroy it. The reason why they’re here is to steal our votes. We’re not gonna be able to live. They’re stealing our votes, our kids’ future, my birthright, our United States’ great city that I refuse to leave.”

The enraged New York City resident claimed that the lawmakers in charge of handling the migrant crisis were not actually elected by the American people due to the use of absentee ballots. Rinaldi argued that lawmakers are “being selected” rather than elected.

Asked for a response to members of Congress meeting in New York City to address the migrant crisis, Rinaldi added, “They will never be allowed to walk down the streets again. They have destroyed our city, and New York, especially, Queens has woken up.”