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Pentagon secretly sending foreign country more weapons: Report

The Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. (Dreamstime/TNS)
November 15, 2023

The Pentagon has reportedly been quietly sending Israel more weapons and military aid as Israel continues to wage war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

According to an internal United States Defense Department list obtained by Bloomberg News, the Pentagon has continued to fulfill Israel’s requests for additional laser-guided missiles for Apache gunships, bunker-buster munitions, 155mm shells, military vehicles, and night-vision equipment.

Bloomberg reported that while Biden administration officials have publicly encouraged Israel to avoid military actions that would result in increased civilian casualties in Gaza, the Pentagon has been sending far more military aid to Israel than just the Iron Dome interceptor missiles and Boeing smart bombs, which have both been publicly announced.

According to Bloomberg, Israel’s military aid requests for its war against Hamas terrorists are cataloged in a document titled “Israel Senior Leader,” which reportedly has been circulating inside the Pentagon since late October.

The “Israel Senior Leader” document obtained by Bloomberg showed that the Defense Department has already shipped or is currently working on fulfilling the various requests from Israel based on available stockpiles in both the United States and Europe.

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As an example of the Pentagon’s provision of military aid to Israel, Bloomberg noted that the report showed 36,000 rounds of 30mm cannon ammunition, 3,500 night-vision devices, and 1,800 M141 bunker-buster munitions have already been delivered to Israel.

While a Pentagon spokesperson did not discuss specific details regarding the Pentagon’s supply of additional military aid to Israel, the Defense Department stated that it is “leveraging several avenues — from internal stocks to U.S. industry channels – to ensure Israel has the means to defend itself.”

“This security assistance continues to arrive on a near-daily basis,” the Defense Department added.

The Defense Department indicated that the U.S. is providing 155mm artillery shells, precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, and other military equipment to Israel, as well as Iron Dome interceptor missiles and medical equipment.

According to the list obtained by Bloomberg, the Pentagon has also provided Israel with 312 Tamir missile interceptors. Additionally, the U.S. Army’s two Iron Dome batteries are currently being transported to Israel.