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FBI ignores Satanist pedophilia ring until it finds ‘white supremacy’ angle: Report

FBI agent. (FBI/Released)
November 24, 2023

A new report by The Daily Wire claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) only took an interest in investigating a Satanist pedophile ring when it discovered that one of the members used the n-word to describe a black victim.

According to The Daily Wire a Satanist pedophile ring, known as “764” or “Harm Nation,” has allegedly tortured hundreds or even thousands of young girls. However, The Daily Wire claims that the FBI has not assigned the case to its violence-against-children or cybercrime investigative teams; instead, the case has been assigned to a domestic terrorism unit due to allegations of “racially motivated violent extremism.”

Additionally, The Daily Wire reported that the only publicly documented arrest in the case is a Hispanic man named Angel Luis Almeida, who was indicted in New York City in January for charges of sexual exploitation, possession of Child Abuse Sexual Material, and for the violation of the Mann Act.

Almeida, whom prosecutors described as an “outspoken member of ‘764’ a neo-Nazi network,” called the judge a “cracker” during his court hearing.

According to The Daily Wire, Almeida was arrested in December of 2021 on a gun possession charge. In January of 2023, prosecutors added child abuse charges due to evidence found on confiscated electronics.

After investigating the 764 pedophile ring, The Daily Wire found that the group operated across the globe, attracting victims through online communication platforms and then using blackmail to force victims to abuse themselves. One online group that was reviewed by The Daily Wire had 321 members.

“It’s kinda fun, we do get pretty girls nudes, then we like creating a [group chat] with a few members, sending their doxbin, created right in the group chat as they’re being extorted/blackmailed to do fun stuff, mostly engraving our names on their body, cutting their faces & what not,” the online group’s leader wrote. “We love breaking promises, giving them false reinsurances [sic], then in the end, ruining their f-cking lives… the most fun I had was forcing this girls family to move states <33 she texted me on Valentine’s Day, photos of liquor & depressions pills.”

Cooper Fay, who works in private armed security in Florida, told The Daily Wire that he launched his own mission to investigate child abusers and expose them on Instagram on his account mankind_against_pedos. Fay told The Daily Caller that one of the pedophile group’s members sent him a retaliatory message, which led him to eventually discover the existence of the 764 group.

Fay explained that he had previously presented evidence of child abuse to local prosecutors, who were often uninterested in investigating the cases. However, since the 764 group was a global network, he presented the case to the FBI, which expressed interest in the case due to allegations of “racially-motivated violent extremism.”

Fay told The Daily Wire that the agents who met with him were from the FBI’s counterterrorism division, which focuses primarily on domestic terrorism cases. Fay presented the evidence he had gathered to the agents, including evidence that showed multiple girls being tortured by various types of leverage utilized by the Satanist pedophile ring. While most of the victims were white, Fay noted that two were black and that one had been forced to write the n-word on a piece of paper as a form of torture.

“I showed them multiple images of white girls cutting themselves. The girl that slit her throat was white. But they were very focused on the one girl who was black who they had write ‘Yuri rapes n-words,'” he stated. “They were very focused on the neo-Nazi elements of this group, and white supremacist elements of this group,” he said.

Contrary to the focus of the FBI, Fay told The Daily Wire that the 764 group is primarily a child abuse group and that the group’s ideology would most closely align with Satanism, not white supremacy ideology.

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Fay told The Daily Wire that he believes the FBI is using “selective investigation” that is determined “based on the identity of the victim.”

“They seem to be specifically interested in this group even though there are plenty of examples of other children being exploited,” he said. “Even this group targets majority white children, yet they kept bringing the conversation back to the white supremacist angle.”

Fay described the FBI’s claim that 764 is a white supremacist group as “patently false on its face.” However, he told The Daily Wire he did not blame the FBI agents who were assigned to the case for highlighting the angle of racial terrorism; instead, he blamed individuals in higher-level government positions for not concentrating on “justice.”

“I think these agents are well-intentioned, but they’re being assigned to focus on it from this angle from the top down,” he said. “I think they’re good guys but it’s being handled in a way that’s advantageous for left-wing groups rather than for justice.” Fay added that each of the victims of the Satanist pedophile ring deserve justice.