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Video: Bear breaks into house, steals food from freezer

An 82-year-old woman says she pushed away a bear that broke into her home near Trinidad, Colorado officials say. (Dreamstime/TNS)
October 27, 2023

In an unexpected twist on Connecticut’s wildlife activity, a black bear with an apparent appetite for Italian cuisine recently helped itself to a lasagna dinner in a Connecticut home.

The adventurous bear entered a residence in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, through a window, which, while closed, was not securely locked, according to CT Insider. The home belonged to Helena Houlis, but it was her mother’s restaurant that supplied the unexpected main course.

Ana Oliveria, owner of the Simsbury-based restaurant “Ana’s Kitchen,” shared the video on her business’s social media page. Captured on Ring camera footage, the video shows how the bear expertly opened a freezer drawer, grabbed the frozen lasagna, and used the same freezer as a step stool to clamber out the window it had entered through.

According to CNN affiliate WFSB, the bear was inside the house for roughly half an hour. Surprisingly, despite its extended stay, the bear caused no significant damage to the home, leaving only a “mess.”

Houlis, who frequently checks her home’s security footage, confirmed this was the first bear break-in at her residence. Notably, the bear sported tags, indicating that Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has been monitoring its movements, according to CT Insider.

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In an amusing coincidence, the lasagna-loving bear incident occurred during “Fat Bear Week,” which features the National Park Service celebrating Alaskan bears that are preparing for hibernation. During “Fat Bear Week,” the National Park Service allows people to vote between various “fat bears.”

As winter approaches, Connecticut residents have been reminded to be on the lookout for bears. The DEEP warned residents in late September of increased bear activity as they prepare for hibernation. There have been 34 reports of bears entering homes in Connecticut so far this year, according to CNN affiliate WFSB.

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