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Star comedian mocks Biden, ‘one party’ of Democrats, GOP establishment

Rob Schneider performs for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Troopers at the Camp Bulkeley Lyceum. (National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandria Hughes/112th MPAD/JTF GTMO PAO)
October 06, 2023

Comedian and actor Rob Schneider mocked President Joe Biden and his administration, as well as Republicans and Democrats, insisting “there’s just one party” in Washington, D.C.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday, Schneider taunted the Biden administration over its handling of the president’s dog Commander, which has been involved in at least 12 biting incidents.

“The Biden administration, I think, acted decisively. They didn’t wait until the 13th person got bit. After 12, they said, ‘Enough.’ And they killed two birds with one stone because I just found out that Commander the dog is now at the border biting immigrants trying to sneak over,” Schneider joked.

“You gotta [sic] give the Biden administration credit, though, because it’s the same thing how decisively he worked on the border. He didn’t wait three years to start putting up a new fence. He waited two years and nine months. That’s decisive,” the comedian continued.

“And by the way, for everyone saying it’s racist: relax. This new fence is only going to be two feet high,” Schneider added with a chuckle. “They took down the sign. Today. You know the sign? Biden’s sign: The first 10 million get in free.”

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Host Laura Ingraham then turned the conversation to the 2024 presidential race, prompting Schneider to say he “wants there to be at least two parties.”

“There’s just one party,” Schneider said. “It seems like the Republicans now are just like Democrats who don’t give their kids puberty blockers.”

Earlier this year, Schneider warned that the government is slowly leading Americans down a path of subjugation.

“The best slaves, the most cooperative slaves, are the slaves that don’t even know they are slaves,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter. “But how does a very small group of people enslave hundreds of millions of other people?! It’s done one step at a time.”

“They took Civics out of Public schools. Because they don’t want you to know how your Government works. Because if you did, you might try to change things. The Government wants us Fat, uneducated, sick, poisoned, and reliant on Government for handouts and pretending there’s a difference between the ‘Left and the Right,’” the outspoken comedian continued. “And they want to control all the information that you get. Because they desperately don’t want you to think for yourself.”

“So they work with Google and Facebook and Mainstream media to control and censor the information you receive and to discredit and demonize those that don’t go along and those that ask inconvenient questions,” he added.

“The people controlling government: unelected conglomerates that decide what policies get written and who gets the trillions of dollars stay mostly hidden. The only thing that’s left for the Government to do now is to completely disarm us. When that happens, if they are able to disarm us, then it’s over. We will be slaves and our children will be slaves for a 100 years. Have a nice afternoon!”