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Jewish kids told to hide identity in UK as antisemitic incidents skyrocket: Report

Star of David (Unsplash)
October 12, 2023

In the aftermath of the tragic attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israel, antisemitic incidents in the United Kingdom have reportedly surged by a staggering 300%.

According to Fox News, the rise in antisemitic incidents has propelled schools to caution their Jewish students about revealing their identities, underscoring growing security concerns among the British Jewish community.

The tragic impact of the violence against the Jewish people was observed in the United Kingdom when two alumni of the Jewish Free School in London lost their lives in the Hamas onslaught last Saturday.

According to The Independent, at least one school has since advised parents to discourage their children from wearing uniform jackets which could label them as Jewish. Male students have also been encouraged to wear baseball caps over traditional head coverings.

The school’s top priority, as quoted by the administrators, is to “ensure the safe passage of students between home and school and to make sure that this school is set up to care for our children during the school day.”

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Statistics from Community Security Trust (CST), a U.K. group dedicated to Jewish security, show a worrying trend. Between October 7 and 10, the group recorded 89 antisemitic incidents, a sharp increase from the 21 incidents reported during the same period in 2022, marking a 324% spike.

Author J.K. Rowling amplified the situation by shedding light on the fears of a London-based parent who mentioned a school advisory that encouraged Jewish students to disguise their identities.

Rowling tweeted, “We said ‘never again.’ The U.K. was a safe haven. Now, after the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, British Jewish children are being advised to hide their identities as they walk to school, for their own safety. There should be mass outrage that this is necessary.”

While pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been witnessed both in the U.K. and U.S., with some protesters supporting Hamas and celebrating the tragic deaths in Israel, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stressed the U.K.’s unwavering support for Israel.

This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Sara Nachshen, a concerned Jewish parent, who said, “I sincerely hope Rishi Sunak honors his pledge to stand with Israel and protect British Jews.”

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