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Iconic actor says Dems ‘want to f-ck up every city in America’

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on the Los Angeles campus of USC on April 5, 2017. (Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/TNS)
October 13, 2023

During a recent interview, iconic action film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that Democrats “want to f-ck up every city in America.”

Schwarzenegger, who was the governor of California from 2003-2011, shared his perspective of how the Democratic Party seems to be trying to “ruin” American cities on a recent episode of “Literally! With Rob Lowe.”

During the interview, Lowe asked Schwarzenegger what it means for a person to be considered a Republican. As an example, he pointed to comments by former Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.).

“Okay, let me ask you this, and I ask people this all the time,” Lowe said. “David Dreier, good friend of ours and a good man. Surfer for many, many, many years. He used to have the greatest, ‘what makes me a Republican,’ and he had I think four or five things. I think it was, in no particular order, strong military, low taxes, less government, more personal freedoms. There might have been one more, but it makes sense to know…”

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Schwarzenegger quickly interjected that “strong law enforcement” was the other major policy platform supported by Republicans. After Lowe agreed with Schwarzenegger, he continued, “And then I’d like to know, I always ask Democrats what it means to be a Democrat in that way…”

Before Lowe could finish his train of thought, Schwarzenegger interrupted, suggesting that Democrats would answer the question by saying, “ruin your cities.” When asked again what Democrats would say, Schwarzenegger repeated that he believed Democrats would answer, “ruin your cities.”

Schwarzenegger went on to say, “That’s what the Democrats would say. We are about ruining the cities. We want to f-ck up every city in America. That seems to be the theme right now.”

When asked why Democrats are trying to ruin American cities, Schwarzenegger replied, “I have no idea.”