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Hamas beheaded Jewish babies, IDF says

The IDF's paratroopers brigade operate within the Gaza Strip to find and disable Hamas' network terror tunnels and eliminate their threat to Israeli civilians. (Israel Defense Forces/Released)
October 10, 2023

A new report based on statements from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claims that the Iran-backed terrorist group, Hamas, beheaded Jewish babies during their attack on an Israeli community near Gaza.

In a video posted on X, a reporter with i24NEWS outlined what IDF soldiers are currently finding as they search through an Israeli community near the Gaza border to clear the area of explosives and remove the bodies of innocent civilians.

“It’s hard to even explain exactly just the mass casualties that happened right here,” an i24NEWS reporter said. “In fact, the Israeli military says they still don’t have a clear number, but I’m talking to some of the soldiers, and they say what they’ve witnessed as they’ve been walking through these different houses, these different communities… babies, their heads caught off. That’s what they said…Families completely gunned down in their beds.”

After detailing the atrocities that Israeli soldiers have found in the aftermath of the brutal Hamas terrorist attacks, the i24NEWS reporter pointed to IDF soldiers who were “comforting each other” as they processed the “sheer horror” of what took place.

Based on conversations with the IDF soldiers, the reporter explained that many of the soldiers were reserves who “jumped into action” after the Hamas attacks.

“They say they’ve never experienced anything like this,” she said. “This is nothing that anyone could have even imagined. When you’re walking through here, baby cribs thrown to the side, doors thrown wide open, still some Israeli bodies still here because the fighting in this community just ended.”

i24NEWS noted that many of the Israeli soldiers are continuing to go from “house to house, door to door” in order to clear the area of any remaining explosives.

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“I see in the distance more bodies being covered,” the reporter added. “All the while, as they’re covering these Israeli bodies trying to evacuate everyone else from the territory, taking all the casualties out of here, it’s also littered with the bodies of terrorists.”

According to i24NEWS, one of the lead IDF commanders estimated that about 70 armed terrorists crossed over the Gaza border fence and attacked the Israeli community, as seen in the video. The Gaza border fence is located less than a quarter of a mile from the Israeli community shown in the i24NEWS video.

In a statement to i24NEWS on Tuesday, Israeli Major General Itai Veruv said, “You see the babies, the mothers, the fathers, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms and how the terrorist kills them. It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre, it’s a terror activity.”

Veruv explained that the brutal attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists are unlike anything he has seen before.

The Israeli general added, “It’s something that we used to imagine from our grandfathers, grandmothers in the pogrom in Europe and other places. It’s not something that happens in new history.”