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Biden not cutting $6 billion released for Iran: Sen Mike Lee slams him

Utah Senator Mike Lee, speaks to an audience gathered to witness an F-35 unveiling ceremony at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Oct. 14. (U.S. Air Force photo by Todd Cromar /Released)
October 11, 2023

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) urged the Biden administration to take action against Iran after he participated in a conference call Tuesday night with the administration regarding the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

On Tuesday night, the Utah senator tweeted, “I’ve been on a conference call for the last 90 minutes with my colleagues and key Biden administration officials regarding the recent Hamas attacks on Israel.”

Lee accused the Biden administration of “mincing words” while “hiding behind classified-briefing doors.” The senator suggested that the conference call was conducted out of a desire to protect the Biden administration’s “public image” rather than “giving the people’s representatives the truth.”

“The only actor this helps is Iran,” he said. “This administration has treated Iran as a legitimate actor from day one, so much so that $6 billion REMAINS available for Iran to access.”

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Lee warned that the Biden administration has not yet taken the $6 billion in previously frozen bank account funds “off the table” for Iran, despite reports that Iran helped Hamas plan terrorist attacks and reports that Iran provided Hamas with weapons to carry out violence against Israel prior to the horrific violence that occurred over the weekend. Lee urged the Biden administration to immediately “pull it off the table right now.”

“But instead of an actual plan of action to end Iran’s privileged treatment, this administration told us one of the best things we could do is hastily confirm more ambassadors and State Department nominees,” he continued. “Adding more unelected bureaucrats to the mix will not solve this administration’s colossal blunders of American statecraft.”

Lee added that during Tuesday’s briefing, Biden administration officials explained that Iran cannot receive any of the $6 billion in frozen assets promised as part of the recent prisoner exchange deal until the Biden administration provides a “final sign-off.”

“If that’s true, it would be reckless for the administration to approve even a single transaction,” he concluded.