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Trump slams Air Force leaders, ‘defective’ F-35 after crash

Former President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with attendees at the July 2022 Student Action Summit at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)
September 26, 2023

Former President Donald Trump recently slammed the Air Force and President Joe Biden over the missing F-35 jet that disappeared after its pilot safely ejected earlier this month.  

In a post on Truth Social, Trump said he warned the Air Force and Lockheed Martin multiple times that the F-35 jet “is, in effect, DEFECTIVE, because it only has one engine.”

“They told me that the engine is so good and reliable that it will never break down. I said that’s not possible, everything breaks down at one time or another, just look at Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump wrote. “You need redundancy, you need TWO ENGINES! No high cost modern day plane should have only one engine. Well, an F-35 fell out of the sky yesterday. Hear we go again!”

“I also recommended to ‘bad maintenance’ Boeing that they should not lengthen the unattractive, fat, and slow 737 to get a larger plane, they should go, instead, to an updated fast, beautiful, and sleek 757, the ‘Praying Mantis,’” Trump continued. “It is commercial pilots favorite plane to fly. Had they listened to me, years ago, they wouldn’t have had the disaster known as the 737 MAX. Those two horrible tragedies would never have happened. As they say, ‘Trump was right about everything.’ Thank you!!!”

The missing F-35 was eventually located in a South Carolina field after “almost going inverted” before it crashed, a witness to the incident said.

Adrian Truluck said she and her husband Stephen saw the aircraft during their son’s 7th birthday party, NBC News reported.

“Our kids always give a little salute, so we said, ‘Look at the plane. Oh my gosh, it’s so low,’” Adrian Truluck said. “And it was kind of probably 100 feet above the treetops and almost going inverted.”

“It was probably three-quarters of the way,” Stephen Truluck noted, adding they could “see the canopy” of the jet.

The pair said they heard a “boom” sound shortly after spotting the aircraft.

“We were thinking it was rolling thunder in the distance and didn’t give it another thought until we saw the plane was missing, and we were like, that had to be the plane,” Adrian Truluck said,